Monday, December 30, 2013

The End And The Beginning

To the end of one year
and the beginning of the next.
Lead with a louder heart beat,
brighter intentions and bigger dreams
than ever before.


As we approach the end of this year and move forward into the next, I can't help but look back at all of the daily miracles that have occurred in my life.  This past year has been the beginning of many new things in my life, as well as a continuation and deepening of all of the things I have learned to be so grateful for.  I've been able to witness my own growth, breath by breath, moment by moment and day by day.  I've learned to let go and welcome all that is to come.  

Looking back at how far I have come in just a few years takes my breath away.  The struggle and fight that once was daily life for me, has now cleared the path for my fulfilled purpose. What and who surrounds me now is night and day to my surroundings just a couple of years ago.  The last year I have grown to understand and develop the tool of manifesting.  The art of manifesting the life that I knew was mine to be had.  I just needed to have an understanding of how to get there.

I made my first vision board a few weeks ago.  It is the summation of everything that I already have in my life and want to strengthen and also the things that I desire to have that haven't quite arrived yet.  I begin each day with looking at all of the pictures and I end my day the same way.  I am reminded of how grateful I am for all of my teachers in this life and all of the blessings that each day brings.

I am grateful for what I already have, but also for all of the changes that are yet to come.  This next year for me is full of new and out of my comfort zone kind of things. As I have realized, stepping out of my comfort zone is what opens my heart more and more and allows supreme gifts into the present moment.  Although I am still in my Hatha yoga teacher training until March, in just a few weeks, I will be traveling a distance and leaving the comforts of my own home to venture out for an additional eight month teacher training.  This practice in particular is my calling.  It is my breath of life. It is the very practice that called me to be a teacher. It is the practice that led me back to my Self and to my destiny.  

I can't even begin to imagine all of the wonderful blessings that are to come within this next year.  I do know that they all will be welcomed with open arms. And I can measure what is to come by those blessings that have already shown themselves. The end of this year is very different from last year. Although last year had its own sparkle, this past year has been so much more brilliant, vibrant and alive. Probably because that is the exact feeling I have each and every single day.

Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you.  Spirit Launcher has been a record of my story and growth through time and the process of my practice. When this journey for me started a couple of years ago I was given three messages during three consecutive meditation practices.  The first message was, to "be alive in life", the second, "you will heal many" and the third, to "start writing".  The moment I began to write, all of these messages became my way of life.  I cannot thank you all enough for your kind words and support.

For this next year I will dare to dream bigger and dare to dare bigger.  I will continue my journey for more of the truest of love, the stillness of peace, the divine connection to everything and everyone, and even more so the deeper findings of myself.  And to remember each step of the way, the bigger the gamble the greater the reward, the longer the wait, the bigger the love and to never forget the sacred space we hold within our own hearts and our promise of purpose to share that sacred space with each other.

What has this past year brought up for you?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

Have a safe, blessed, healthy and happy new year Spirit Launchers!  I can't wait to share our new year's experiences together!

As always with love,


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Monday, December 16, 2013

The Walk Within

Our Divine presence is
always one breath, one whisper away.
We can call to what is greater than 
ourselves at any given moment.
No matter how far we think we
have run away, that power has been holding 
our hearts all along.


As you all may have noticed I've taken some time away from Spirit Launcher to focus on some other things. It is so good however, to be back.  The past few weeks have brought some serious learning, gratitude, acceptance and ultimately understanding under my belt.  My yoga teacher training has accelerated my spiritual practice to a whole new level.  

We just finished the book, Value of Values by Swami Dayananda Saraswati. This book to me was so special and so significant in reflection of my constant awakening in life.  This book was a life review of sorts for me. It's incredible to see the comparisons in each section of my old way of being followed by the new tools and living techniques that I have adopted and have been implementing in my everyday life.

One thing that he discussed in this book is our non-separateness from the Divine.  And that we are in fact that Divine power in human form.  When I first ventured on my conscious spiritual journey this was one of the first concepts that I was introduced to by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I wrote about this in my article, The Extension.  This very concept was a game changer for me because I never acknowledged or knew how to accept that spark within me.  That spark of love for creation of the desires that were implanted in me. Understanding that it is my piece of the Divine that is my promise of purpose in this life, still gives me butterflies just thinking about it to this day. 

I've been blessed with the opportunities to share with the world what I love to do most, and that is taking care of people.  I get to care for patients in my nursing career. I get to care for my clients when they walk through the door of my spa. And with yoga, I've learned to take care of myself and that Divine spark within. Eventually, these will be teachings I can share with my own clients when I expand my business. This practice has deepened some of my relationships and it has allowed me the strength to let go of the ones that no longer serve me. 

It is so interesting to me to examine how my life has unfolded from my past and to see bits of my future ventures as they come to me in sparks of inspiration.  One incredible gift that was given to me happened during a recent Kirtan concert that I attended with my mom.  I talked in one of my very first articles called, My Awakening, of how music was such an integral part of my life as far back as my earliest memories.  I dreamt about writing and performing music professionally but my fear of failure stopped me in my tracks.  As I wrote that article I thought that desire was long gone.  And then I attended the concert.  This particular Kirtan performer had been introduced to me during a +Gabrielle Bernstein  lecture over a year ago.  I downloaded this particular song and listened to it over and over again.  When I found out he was performing at my yoga school I was in complete shock.

Not only had this particular song been a huge part of my healing in the last year, I was going to be able to see him perform and take a workshop with him the following day. Funny how your destiny will meet you at the most perfect time, every time. When the concert began I wanted to be singing along with everyone else. The fear of resistance settled in.  As much as I wanted to join in I felt the fear welling up in my chest and throat.  I didn't judge it.  I felt it, acknowledged it and accepted it as rising for a reason.  There got to be a point where I didn't feel the urge to just want to sing, it became that I had to.  So I did.  I heard my own voice sing in front of other people releasing that fear.  Although I knew the premise behind the concert was to call onto the Divine, I've never felt the Divine within me to that degree.  I am forever changed because of that night and the workshop I attended the next day.

I believe life meets us exactly where we are.  I am so proud of my own bravery during my own walk within. I no longer judge myself for my fears and doubts.  I fearlessly allow what needs to come up show itself, in order for me to walk through the other side of it. When I use the word fearless, I don't mean I don't feel the resistance attempting to hold me back.  I mean that I acknowledge it, knowing that I must walk through it and not allow it to restrain me from what it is I'm being called to do.  I've learned to be fearless whether it be through baby steps or leaps and bounds. Often it is those baby steps that lead me to those leaps and bounds.

My walk within has allowed me to reach the Divinity that is my spirit, that is my heart and soul.  It has allowed me to deal with compassion towards myself and to reach out with compassion to others in a way that is beyond words.  I realize that I am a writer but my actions must speak louder.  When we look within, we reach a state of loving grace and offer an extension of our hearts to the world around us.  We can clear our path from all things and people who cloud our way.  Everyone and everything becomes our teachers in order to bring forth what is within us that needs to be released whether it be love or fear.  

The walk within has taught me that I am never alone.  The Divine presence within me is my constant companion through this life. My guide that offers intuitive intervention in everything I do.  As I speak to my heart, I honor the Divinity inside. As I honor that Divinity, nothing is lost, all can be gained, and all will be what is meant to be in every given moment.

How do you speak to the Divine within?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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