Sunday, April 11, 2021

While I Was Sleeping...

My eyes closed, living the part of what seemed like a never ending movie role. This dreamscape I would forever scroll. Someone else’s tale, I lived to hold. Unknowingly, generations old.

The suffocating tidal wave of masks, illusions, barricades.

Dragons protecting the castle of lies. Fire flares within the cries.

Do this. Do that. Be this. Not that. A chameleon of puppetry. My pieces purposely misplaced and scattered. Surviving was all that mattered.

Empty. Fill. Full. With other people’s heartbroken shatters. 

Numb. Be silent. Unseen. Sleep.

The stretch, then the yawn.

The night, then the dawn.


Don’t settle, she said. Come with me. This is where I will set you free.

New characters, a new play. New roles, a new stage. 

Freedom. Breathe. All as you know it, will never be the same.

Then he stood before me...

His eyes. My reflection. The key to my soul. His eyes. Divine ceremony. The road map home. 

This is all just a dream...

As I returned to the old it no longer made sense. Yet the new, still anew, seemed delusional at best. This was all fun and games. Fantasy at play. Wake up to reality. Practicality, your alarm clock, anchoring you at bay. 

Reality is your life guard. 

Risk is a cesspool of fate. You’ll drown if you think you can ever escape.

A tug of war between the old whispers ensued. 

She said, trust and believe. We’ve been waiting for you.

Soon the old way seemed torn, run down and ragged. New patternings became the shattering of life long habits.

42 years and countless generations...

I took the leap beyond fear and with no hesitation.

Suddenly the dragons turned to dragonflies. The caterpillar to butterfly. The Phoenix wings, from smoking ash, WE rise.

She said, your entire life you believed magic was a dream to wake up from. When in fact, it’s your dream to wake up to. This has always been here, waiting for you. 

Welcome home all the parts of you that you’ve hidden away. Welcome home, welcome home, welcome home to stay.

While I was sleeping the dream started to wake. Light can only be hidden. Shadows always will fade. 

The morning yawn, like the first breath of a newborn child. As I opened my eyes she said, welcome home darling. It’s been quite a long while. 

As always with love,


        ©2021 Jennifer Fremion. All rights reserved.