Monday, April 28, 2014

A Million Years

Dreams are our vision board
to life.


Today marks the one year anniversary for Spirit Launcher.  It's hard to believe one year has already gone by.  It seems like just yesterday, I posted my first article.  When I began this blog I had no idea really what it was going to mean for my life.  All I knew was the deepest part of myself was telling me that I had to write and that I had to write now.  

I have met so many incredibly inspirational people through doing interviews.  Their stories inspired me and so many others to remain steadfast in this journey called life.  But even more so, Spirit Launcher has been one of my guides back to myself.  These articles were not planned out for days, weeks or months.  In the beginning I was writing daily articles.  The words were spilling out of me.  This has been not only my way of documenting my journey, but it has been lesson upon lesson through written word.

I have always said, I am merely the person sitting behind the computer typing.  I used to say I don't know where all of this is coming from, when I would talk about my writing.  Through this process I realized, it is coming from the most divine place, my heart. This is such a reminder that we all have our roles to play.  We all have our parts.  And we must, step up to that challenge, no matter what.  We must always show up.

Although this all seems like yesterday, so much has happened in the last year.  When I first began my intentional spiritual journey, I would receive messages while in meditation.  So what has happened in the last year is, all of these messages have come true.  I was told to start writing, now I am a writer.  I was told to start teaching yoga, now I am teaching yoga.  I was told to start lecturing on my writing, now I am preparing for my lectures.  In the beginning I thought it was so strange to receive messages during meditation.  I thought to myself, could this all be real?  So I surrendered to the process.  And yes, it is all more than real.

When I left my marriage almost four years ago, I thought that I would work as a nurse, remarry and possibly start a family.  Never in a million years could I have imagined I was setting myself out on this great big adventure.  My life has transformed to the creative, abundant bliss that is intended for all of us.  One of my biggest heroes Joseph Campbell would always say, "The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."  It took me a long time to get here, but I am honored to be living this life that I have been granted. 

We are the gift, through and through.  All of our darkness, all of our light, that is our given path.  As I've written in another text, shadows will fade, light can only be hidden.  I have come out of the shadows.  I have remained the glue when all seemed to be broken.  And I have won the fight.  My teacher Gabby Bernstein says so beautifully, "The moment we get out of our own way, miracles happen."  And she is absolutely right.  

I look around all day and everyday seeing and believing in miracles, because I have lived out so many already.  It doesn't matter how disconnected we become from our own hearts.  There is always a way back home.  There is a path of discovery for everyone that will lead us right back to our own hearts.  That divine spark within us all.  This path isn't just for "the lucky ones".  We all have our fortunes. Life is happening right now, in this moment. So start living it to its fullest.  

One of my favorite articles from Spirit Launcher is called "The Wisdom of Our Heart".  It was one of the first articles I posted for this site.  In it I wrote,"This blog is what my book has become, a launching pad for my heart.  To share everyday lessons about life, living and giving. If we are hurting, reach our heart out to someone who is hurting.  If we are joyful, reach our heart out to someone who needs joy.  If we are loving, reach our heart out to someone who needs love.  Through the wisdom of our own hearts, the chain of love cannot be broken. If there are no holes, no one can fall through the cracks. If we are whole, we are together in the strength of a nation that can change the entire world."  Almost one year later, I still mean that from the bottom of my heart.

I catch myself saying all of the time, life just doesn't get any better than this.  And then it does.  Our dreams are our vision boards to life. We are given dreams.  We are then given countless opportunities to do something with them.  They are there for a reason.  We are not meant to wake up from dreams.  We are meant to live out our dreams.  They are our contributions to this world, this life, and this love that eternally connects us all. We are bliss, we are beauty, we are soul, we are love.  We are all pieces of this great big puzzle called life.  Through following our dreams, we find our perfectly placed part.

Thank you to all of my teachers for your love and support through this journey.  Life is good and it just keeps getting better.  I am thankful for today and passionately optimistic for tomorrow. Now is the time to be seen and heard.  Let life be your puzzle piece.  Your piece to the great big whole.

Sat Nam

As always with love,

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Divine Whispers

The passage below came to me after reading The Bhagavad Gita for my yoga teacher training course.  The message of this sacred text moved me passage by passage.  It is truth in sweetness and strength.  It is courage and bravery leading us back to our own hidden power.  It is the essence of the journey of life.

Writing this passage word by word was a reminder that we are Divine representation, no matter how we look at it. No matter what or who we have faith in that is larger than ourselves, we are the representation here on Earth. We were born with purpose. We come bearing a great message. With every breath taken, every word spoken, and every thought thought, always remember that.  To think before we speak. To think before we act.  And to even think before we think.  Not only are we Divine representation, we are in fact co-creators in this Divine dance called life. We are an expression of God or that force that is greater than ourselves.  We are the spark that is ignited by the eternal flame.

Divine Whispers
By Jennifer Fremion

God is the only one who ever sees.
He is in your eyes, my eyes,
He is the eyes to the world in which we see.

God is the only one who ever breathes.
He is in your breath, my breath,
He is the very air in which we breathe.

God is the only one who ever speaks.
He is in your words, my words,
Our words, are his Divine whispers
coming to be.

God is the love inside of our very being.
He is in your heart, my heart,
He is the heart of everything.

God is the hands that plants all seeds.
To create heaven on Earth.
All we ever are to be.

May you feel the love and light

As always with love,


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