Monday, April 7, 2014

Divine Whispers

The passage below came to me after reading The Bhagavad Gita for my yoga teacher training course.  The message of this sacred text moved me passage by passage.  It is truth in sweetness and strength.  It is courage and bravery leading us back to our own hidden power.  It is the essence of the journey of life.

Writing this passage word by word was a reminder that we are Divine representation, no matter how we look at it. No matter what or who we have faith in that is larger than ourselves, we are the representation here on Earth. We were born with purpose. We come bearing a great message. With every breath taken, every word spoken, and every thought thought, always remember that.  To think before we speak. To think before we act.  And to even think before we think.  Not only are we Divine representation, we are in fact co-creators in this Divine dance called life. We are an expression of God or that force that is greater than ourselves.  We are the spark that is ignited by the eternal flame.

Divine Whispers
By Jennifer Fremion

God is the only one who ever sees.
He is in your eyes, my eyes,
He is the eyes to the world in which we see.

God is the only one who ever breathes.
He is in your breath, my breath,
He is the very air in which we breathe.

God is the only one who ever speaks.
He is in your words, my words,
Our words, are his Divine whispers
coming to be.

God is the love inside of our very being.
He is in your heart, my heart,
He is the heart of everything.

God is the hands that plants all seeds.
To create heaven on Earth.
All we ever are to be.

May you feel the love and light

As always with love,


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