Monday, September 30, 2013

You Being You

Our purpose is the thunderbolt
of wisdom within our very
own hearts.


It's taken me a long time to get here.  To be in the space of acceptance of my truest Self.  To want to be in front of the crowd instead of hiding in back of the crowd. My life is a message that needs to be delivered. I want to be seen and to be heard. To be comfortable enough within my own discomfort to tell and live my own story.  And what a story it is.  

To be who I am after all, is the very person I've always wanted to be. To cut through the heartache, disappointment and shadows, in order to see the light and to live within my own awakening.  This is the life that was intended for me all along.  This was the life I so much wanted to believe existed, but always feared too much to be able to explore the possibilities in order to find out.

The development of Self is life's journey.  Through life we are taught and pick up habits that do not serve our purpose.  This brings us further and further away from our given plan.  But the seed of creative force is within us all along.  It is our heartbeat, our breath, it is the very spirit that resides inside each one of us, that enables us to be alive.  It enables us to reroute to our given path when we are ready to get back to where it is that we've originally come from.

My awakening began with a belief.  A belief that life was intended to be better than what I had settled for. I've talked in length in previous articles about my sacrifice of Self  made in entering into an abusive marriage that ensued emotional grief so great, I felt my life leaving my own body.  My spirit however, was the driving force of resuscitation that never allowed me to completely give up and give in to the shadows.  My spirit, was the very thing that kept me alive.

I've become reminiscent lately as next month marks the third anniversary of my survival.  This was the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken. I left behind my old life and prayed for something better. I had no idea what was in store for me.  Looking back, there was nothing easy about this venture. There was no guaranteed outcome.  The only comfort was in knowing that life could only get better from where I was.  The choice was purely up to me.

So I got to work.  The serious work started after graduating with my nursing degree.  At that point there were no distractions or obligations.  Life was going on and I needed to get back in the game. How, you might ask?  I began to finally listen to my heart.  The very thing that is our inner guide and has all of the answers, just happened to be the very thing I ignored time and time again.  It was a matter of the heart, plain and simple.  I had created a habit in life of having an idea of what I wanted.  So if what or who I had in my life wasn't what my heart was telling me I needed, I would try to manipulate, control, conform, imagine even, that what I had was exactly what I wanted.  I fought my heart's guidance tooth and nail.  At the end of the fight, I always lost. My life changed as soon as I finally accepted what it was to actually listen. 

So I stopped trying to be who I wasn't and doing things that didn't serve my greater purpose.  I listened and I followed.  I finally allowed myself to be guided in my own direction.  It was my very heart that brought me to the heart of my Self.  It was the point of me finally being me. 

The evolution of the heart is never a small feat.  It is our greatest encounter.  It connects us to the truth, to all that we are created to be, and our great Creator himself.  When we break through all that blocks us from the light, we can then see our own way.  Clarity becomes a way of living.  Asking for guidance from our deepest adviser becomes the way to live.  You being you, becomes the only life worth living.

How has connecting with your truth changed your life?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Intention Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  We are back for another week of community meditation.  Today's meditation is about setting an intention for our day.  It's a perfect way to wake up, feel more vibrant and vital to today's work.

Find your quiet space. For this meditation I like to light three small candles in front of me.  I like using a mantra as well.  One of my favorites is the "I Am..." mantra. Anything you wish to see or be more of in life, put the words "I am" in front of the phrase.  Concentrate on the feeling the mantra gives you.  How would it actually feel in your life for the intention to be fulfilled?  Initiating the feeling, creates an energetic flow to the Universe.  After that, it is in the Universe's hands and everything gets to work for our greater good. You will feel a shift not only inside of your being, but all around you.

I will share with you one of my favorite "I Am" mantras.  I use this quite frequently especially in new situations or just as I am getting ready to go to work for the day.  Please sit in a comfortable crossed leg position.  Put your hands, palms facing up on your knees, ready to receive the vibrant light of the day. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose.  Focus your sight from your mind's eye, the empty space between your eyebrows.  You can choose to repeat the mantra below or choose your own. Just as any decision in life, the choice is always yours.

"I am unconditional love."
"I am."

Repeat this several times until your mind starts to quiet.
Release that energy to the Universe.

Sit in silence as long as you wish.
Feel the sensation of this energy flow through your hands, 
your heart, and beyond.

Many blessings,


As always with love,


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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All In

Change is the natural progression of 
each moment.
Challenge is the growth within the change.


Today marks another shift for me in my life.  Today is when I begin my yoga teacher training.  It has taken eight months to find the right school and the right group of people to connect with.  But I can say without a doubt, it was worth the wait and I can't help but reflect on the very journey that has brought me here.  I've prayed for months to bring teachers and friends into my life that will deepen my spiritual practice and open up my heart space even more.  Over the last few months, those prayers started to become my reality.  I feel the waves of life within me and all around me and I am all in, no matter how big the waves may become.

Four years ago, I started practicing yoga as a stress relief mechanism in attempt to resolve the excruciating pain of my divorce, but even more so my total loss of Self.  I would practice at night before bed because it was the only way I could quiet my mind for just a few hours in order to sleep.  Life was upside down.  Yoga and meditation were the tools that brought me right side up again.  

My search for Self started as I exited my marriage.  I have to say there was nothing pretty about my exit strategy.  I was flailing, living mistakes time and time again, and had lost my soul, my spirit for life.  I had no idea how to get back to myself.  It was in reflection of how I came to get lost in the first place, that began to show me the way.  My unraveling became the unraveling of long lost answers.

The practice of yoga led me to the practice of meditation. After yoga each night I would then go into guided meditations.  Often times falling asleep.  After about two years of practice I really wanted to know more.  So I used my nursing career as a spiritual experiment.  I took a job with hospice because I wanted to know God again. I had forgotten how it was I was to stay in touch. I don't know if I could ever find words to express how this job changed me.  The privilege of standing next to someone as they take their last breath is really indescribable. The relationships I formed with these patients changed my heart by cracking it open enough to let the light start to come in again.  As each of the relationships ended with the passing of their life, they allowed me little by little to come back to life myself.

I then worked in oncology and surgical trauma ICU.  These experiences allowed me to be of total service in helping others. Little did I know how much these patients and experiences would be helping me find my own way.  I saw people gripping and fighting for their own lives.  They are the very inspiration that got me to start fighting for my own life.  If it wasn't for the spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation, these experiences would have been quite different for me.  It was a set intention to be love, give love and accept love, that began to show me the way and ultimately clear my path for greatness.

I now have come to an oncology position that has brought me home in my nursing career.  Even before my interview took place I knew this was where I was meant to be. This position has allowed me to challenge myself professionally but still leaves room to grow personally.  It is now time to add another challenge.  This is where my yoga teacher training comes in.

I am able to understand the commitment of being all in.  When we are all in for life, life will be all in for us. In the last four years all of my commitments have come with great reward because I chose to take a risk and do what my heart was telling me. It wasn't easy in the beginning.  Coming to the understanding of how abundantly held we all are in our journey has allowed me to lead with faith instead of worry.  I now know that everything will be okay and to enjoy the process.  To look for each lesson that comes with each step forward.  Life is intended to be lived.  Yoga and meditation were the gifts given to me in my darkest moments that shined a light on all that needed to heal.  They have been stepping stones to a higher consciousness and purpose.  The proof that has led me from a life I had hoped existed, to a life that I now know exists.  

I don't know what exactly today will bring.  My intention is to stay committed.  Committed to becoming even more comfortable in my own discomfort.  To remember to breathe when things seem bigger than usual. To be open and willing to grow and expand beyond my own borders.  And to always remember to love.  Love the process, love the moment, love this life.  Just as it is.

How are you all in, in your own life?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Special Delivery

The surprises are what makes 
life worth living.


How do you handle uncertainty in your life?  Where the only guarantee is that there is no guarantee? I hear people say quite a bit that they don't like surprises. But think about this, isn't all of life a surprise?  Even our most guaranteed outcomes always seem to have a subsidiary twist with them right? Do we put ourselves out there in life only for the guarantee or do we take a risk in hope of something bigger?  Do we play it safe, or do we go all in?

I know plenty of people who safe guard their lives by planning, controlling, and attempting to manipulate outcomes. All to find out that the steps along the way weren't what they anticipated at all.  Then they get upset because they have spent so much time contriving what they thought should have happened and didn't.  How life is unfair to them.  Why does nothing ever go as planned?  The answer to that is, the Universe has a much bigger plan for us than we could have ever expected.  It is the Universe that brings us special deliveries of surprise, that even sometimes we had no idea we ever could have dreamed we would want.  

I planned my entire life.  Endlessly. And I am not saying to not have a plan.  Please do have a plan!  Just don't be woven so tightly within it and its outcome that you are not remaining open to whatever else is meant to come with the plan.  Be open to the surprises, the special deliveries.  Not only do we need them, they are intended just for us.

When I was going through both of my nursing degrees, if any little thing would go differently than I had planned or thought it was supposed to, I would absolutely lose it.  I would panic, worry, stress out to my max and think to myself, everything is crashing down around me.  Why can't anything just go smoothly for once? After doing this numerous times for years I realized, everything always turns out just fine.  Life always has a way of sorting out its own issues.  What is there really to get so upset about?

Well for me it was the time crunch.  I wanted to be done with my divorce, done with nursing school, done with the struggle.  Looking back at all four years now, I wouldn't give up any of it.  It was the most difficult time of my life, but it showed me what I was made of.  It showed me strength I didn't know I had.  The ability to love and be loved in a way I never knew possible.  And to live a fulfilled purpose everyday.

With all of the unexpected twists and turns in life no matter how large or small, they all came with lessons on living.  I had dinner last night with a newer group of friends. As I was sitting at the table I looked around at them all and was thankful for that exact moment.  Through all of the transition I've had in the last two years I am thankful for the message within this special delivery.  To know that I have surrounded myself with people who support and appreciate life just as it is.  They accept the good with the bad and to know that we are all in it together.  And after all is said and done, we can just sit and have a good laugh with each other.

So do have a plan and have your goals.  But try not to focus so much on the end result.  Enjoy every step of the way as you experience it all.  Be open to what else life will show you and teach you along the way.  Time is short, but the Universe has us covered.  Never make yourself feel like time is running out.  If you have unfinished business you will be given what you need.

You never have to fear.  You never have to feel not good enough.  You only have to remember that if you just believe in what your heart is telling you, be patient and let life unfold in its perfect order, that you will be shown the way.  You never have to worry about what is right around the corner.  In fact, you will want to wait for the reveal itself.  You will be willing to wait because you know whatever is in route is going to be the level marker of your next step. It is in fact, your very own special delivery.

What journey have you begun so far?  Where unexpectedly has it taken you?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visualization Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  It is time again for our community meditation.  This is where we all gather with the same intention and share that intention in community, ultimately extending it to the world.  I've talked this week about the act of manifesting.  Having a vision of what your heart is telling you that you must do to fulfill your deepest purpose.

Sit in a comfortable crossed leg position on the floor. Light a single candle. Think of four things your heart is telling you that you need.  Write them down.  Look over the list.  Read them one by one.  With each goal, close your eyes and visualize what it would feel like to achieve that goal. Continue until you have visualized all that you have listed.

Take three long deep breaths in through your nose and release slowly.  
Release all of those visions to the Universe.  Say to yourself, 
"I release you and I trust."

Sit in silence as long as you like.  Allow
the thoughts to flow in and out of your mind.
Don't feed into the thoughts.
Just be witness to them flowing in and out.
Soon the thoughts will turn to silence.

Then say to yourself,
"I accept all and I trust."

Open your eyes.
Blow out the single candle before you.

Sit in silence as long as you wish.

Know that you are guided every step
of the journey that is this life.


As always with love,


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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Witness all that is in view. 
The first time.


Our senses are an astounding ability.  We can see and hear near and far. Smell a change in the air, touch textures and taste an array of flavors.  Our intuition is another sense that actually integrates knowing with feeling.  This isn't a feeling we experience through touch.  This is a feeling we experience through the deepest of our senses.  It is our core energy inputting information from the Universe and allowing us to have knowing that goes beyond what our other five senses can show us. It is proof that we are all interconnected with everything and everyone.

In my immediate world, it is not uncommon for the people around me to be extremely disconnected with their own intuition, or gut feeling as many refer to it as.  Although they acknowledge that they knew something before a particular occurrence happened by saying things like, "Something just didn't feel right." or "I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but I just knew..."  

The truth is, we all have the knowing.  It is an innate characteristic of our Self. It is a fantastic tool that we so easily forget is there for us to use and make our best assessments in any and all situations.  When we sit in silence whether by praying, meditating or simply just sitting and being open, we are practicing and participating in connecting with our deepest knowing.

Our bodies are constantly speaking to us.  We've all experienced being nervous at some point in our life time.  What happens during that moment?  Our heart starts to race, we can start shaking, sweating and stumbling even.  Have you ever had a shift in energetic feel when someone walks into the room?  Our bodies are constantly sensing change and delivering messages to us.  We always feel the change.  But when we ignore it, it is in hindsight, that we say, "I should have seen that coming." Because in actuality, we did.

Be a witness to what it is your body is telling you.  This has taken me years to learn.  My gut instinct has always been very strong.  I can remember all the way back as a child having the ability of just knowing.  As I got older, I started to shift away from listening.  If it wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear, then I wanted to try my everything to prove it wrong.

Some people in my life laugh in astonishment at this ability.  They are amazed at how spot on it actually is, especially today with my daily practices.  I can't say that I blame them because I still revel in amazement myself.  Then there are others who simply have disconnected so much from their own intuition that they just refuse to believe what is biting them in the nose.  They want to wait for the facts, the details that are tangible.  And I totally understand this because I used to want the cold hard facts myself.  Through denial of what my own intuition was telling me and waiting for the hard facts, I had a revelation one day.  My gut has never led me from the truth.  It has never led me astray.  What it tells me simply is the truth.  In my search for dismantling my own truth I discovered this.  Trying to disprove my own truth has only led me to waste time and invest in what I knew all along not to invest in.  And because of the bad investment, I would then have the heartache to follow.  So what is the point of going against our gut when the end result isn't going to change? The only thing that is different is time and energy has been lost.

Stubbornness and disconnection is a combination for disaster. This leads us away from our inner guide. Listening to the feeling of a feeling, is simply a road map to our destiny. Bearing witness to where the sensation is in the body, our inner world, in reference to what is going on in our outer world, integrates the two together giving us the answers that we need to everything.  You can choose to wait around for the stamp of approval, the finite details, or for the curtain to perform its unveiling.  Or you can believe in what your own truth has been telling you all along. 

You will have those that will try to derail you because your own power scares them.  Let them live out their journey in the way they choose.  One of my most favorite Yogi's stated, "There are two ways to do things. The easy way and the hard way.  The choice is yours."  They went on to explain that when you practice listening to your inner most self, this is when life becomes easy. Not in the sense that you won't be challenged. It is that you no longer struggle in worry, piecing apart every little detail, or deconstructing with the intention of trying to put it all together.  This is a waste of productive thought and action.  In simply believing in what we are being told the first time, without wasting time, we can move forward and continue to do our real work in each and every moment.

Where do you bear witness to your own emotion?  How do you let yourself be led by your inner guide?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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Monday, September 16, 2013

A Vision

Our life's vision
will manifest itself if
we allow ourselves to believe
everything is possible.


Visions.  We all have them and have had them as far back as we remember.  What do our visions tell us about ourselves and our lives?  Do we believe in them?  As a child, we were under the understanding that anything and everything is possible.  As we grow older, doubt and disbelief can settle in.  Changing our life's visions to glimpses of an improbable dream.  When and where does this breaking point happen?

I fully believe and know, that what we think is what will happen.  I have seen the change in my own reality.  I have felt the change within my own being.  My old way of thinking was full of pessimism and shattered thoughts.  I used to believe that good things only happen to certain people and the rest of us were left with the crumbs of life.  Just writing that right now makes me shutter.  My thought transition has been a process.  But once I was open to a different way of thinking, things changed pretty quickly.  Now, I think, see and live miracles everyday. 

What we think is what we get.  Truly.  Practice this for one day.  Every time you have a fearful thought, change your mind.  Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen in this moment.  Shift to a more positive light.  Even if you just say to yourself, I choose to see this situation differently.  I choose to fill it with love, instead of fear.  Give yourself enough time to breathe into the thought and in that change of thought comes a shift, a change in perception, of the entire world inside and all around you. Sounds easy enough right?  And it works. 

If we believe in the visions that have been set forth for us, they will happen.  The Universe is working to fulfill our every need in every given second.  All we have to do is follow through on our end of it and believe.  I've seen it happen in my life.  I went from financially and emotionally struggling to get out of a marriage while putting myself through nursing school, to almost four years later having the life of my dreams, the job of my dreams and a real and raw relationship with my Divine.  Everything I envisioned has happened...and then some.  Now my new adventure into yoga teacher training is about to begin and I know this all will just get bigger and deepen.

I found out today that my cousin got the job of her dreams.  About three years ago she talked to me about how she wanted to move to California and work for a plastic surgeon.  Well, two months ago she actually did just that.  She moved to California, found an apartment and continued to look for work.  Just the other day her vision, became her reality.  This all happened because she listened to what it was her heart was saying, she trusted, had faith and believed.  She manifested her vision and made it into her life.

So many people think about what they would like to do and then never follow through.  They either give up because they don't believe or they give up because it gets too hard.  The fact is we need everyone to follow through on what it is their own hearts are calling them to do.  We need you to be the full you.  Everyday and in everything. That goes for all of us.

I think about where my life would be if I hadn't asked for more and stayed in the marriage I was in. I couldn't imagine where I would be, because that life was never what was intended for me.  Now, I can imagine a million and more possibilities for my future and I am so excited.  The present is beyond words and what will be in the future will continue to grow into so much more.  I am blissfully recognizing my own growth and spreading love to everyone around me.  Some may not understand my journey.  Some may doubt it themselves. Some may even get mad at it.  At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that I believe, because I know the possibilities that come with having that kind of faith.  That is to never be questioned or ignored. It is to be welcomed in and fully embraced.

What do you envision for your life?  What visions have you manifested into reality?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Quest

The perfect answer
lies within your own heart.


The meeting of the mind and the heart is a quest within itself.  I always considered myself to be a rational person.  I wanted facts to back up what my heart was telling me.  What I've come to realize is, those cold hard facts aren't really necessary in making decisions.  Now this isn't to say throw all common sense out the window.  What I am saying is, we know enough by what our heart is telling us to make any decision possible.

I talked with my yoga instructor for the first time yesterday.  This conversation solidified everything I've been practicing spiritually. I believe wholeheartedly in my spiritual quest in life.  I know without a doubt more and more each day how divinely led an held I am in everything that I do.  I just must be present enough to hear the direction I'm being called to.

I've struggled for months of taking a yoga teacher training course that is quite a distance away and much more expensive due to the travel costs.  As much as I thought that was what I should be doing and where I needed to be, when I started making plans to do it, they would fall apart at the seams.  My gut was telling me something wasn't right.  During the conversation today with my instructor, I realized that the type of practice I wanted to be learning has been right in my own back yard all along. I get to travel minutes to the classroom studio instead of hours.  Throughout the last few months, I continued to be pulled back to this yoga course and now I know why. This is where my quest is taking me.  This is where I belonged all along.

I really truly sit in absolute awe of my life everyday.  As much as life used to bring me to my knees in devastation, it now brings me to my knees in gratitude.  Working as a nurse in oncology I am grateful for my health everyday.  Spending time with friends and family I am grateful that I have a loving support system to hold me up. Spending time in yoga and meditation, I am grateful for the unbreakable connection between myself and my Creator.  And knowing that my teacher training will only continue to deepen that connection.

When I left my husband four years ago, I asked myself what I wanted for my new life.  I just wanted happiness. I set out with a hope of what happiness really meant and what it would actually be like. And what life has unfolded and become is beyond my wildest expectations.  No dream has been too big and no hope went unanswered.

Hang on tight to what you dream of, and dream big.  Hang on so tightly that you are brave enough to let go in order to be led in your quest.  The Universe has all of the answers and the perfect road map for our heart's desires. Trust and you will be given the key to all the secret doors, the answer to every question, and the freedom of knowing we are heading toward our own supreme being.  That is our truth.  Our very self.

Where is your quest taking you?  What surprises have been revealed along the way?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Big Heart

Do everything you do with a big heart.
It's like giving the world a giant 
ever present hug.


I had dinner last night with a really close friend of mine.  I mentioned this friendship in a previous article focusing on friendship called, Sharing Warriorship, .  As we were talking over dinner last night, out of the blue he said, "I am grateful every day to have you in my life."  This was big, because not only do I say thank you every day for him coming back into my life, he is exactly the type of friend I have been calling into my life.

Now this took some time. I've talked many times about my old friendships.  The control, manipulation and overall unhealthy characteristics most of them offered.  I mentioned in Monday's article an unhealthy friendship that bounced back and forth like a tennis ball in my life.  Except this time, instead of playing the game with this particular friendship, I hung up my racket and walked off the court.  I retired the game.

When you lead life with a big heart, you love everyone.  That is how it is supposed to be.  However, what you accept into your life is your call.  I talk in my articles a lot about boundaries.  We have to have them and they have to extend our own intention and purpose in life.  To love everyone is actually a very challenging thing.  Especially when someone is hurting you.  This doesn't mean that we accept that type of behavior in our lives.  It's that we accept the fact that this is how this person chooses to be.  What we need to ask ourselves is, does this person add to our life or do they take away?  If someone takes from you and you get nothing in return except feeling drained, is it really a relationship you want to buy into?  You will learn something about yourself either way.  But these questions are definitely worthy and necessary to ask.

My life changed when I started surrounding myself with people who live with a big heart.  They have found their bliss and they are living within it.  Their love for what it is that they do extends to every facet of their life. I've been very blessed throughout my nursing career to meet really fantastic people.  From the patients I've cared for to the people I work with.  The job I have now is incredible.  The doctor I work for is all in with her career.  She is living with a big heart within her big purpose in life. You can feel the love she has for what she is doing just by being in the same room with her. That goes for the rest of my team.  I came from a hospital environment that although I worked with wonderful people there as well, the environment was extremely toxic purely from the stress overload the nurses experience everyday on the floor.

Where I'm going with all of this is, I set an intention within my spiritual practice.  To get rid of what and who no longer serves me and my greater purpose and to intentionally surround myself with big love. In other words, people living with a big heart.  After all, that is what I do in all of my relationships along the way.  Except now, I expect it in return.  Otherwise, it's not really a relationship worth having now is it?  When we support one another, we realize each others pure potential.

Spirit Launcher started with this premise.  Of having a place to go where people can be and get inspired to live their best life now.  If we aren't surrounding ourselves with people who help us do this very thing, then what exactly are we doing?  What signs are we sending out to the Universe, which is always present and always there for our greater good?  We cannot say that we want something and then not be willing to do the work.

I've been praying a lot lately about having help in deepening my spiritual practice.  That prayer has been answered as I am preparing for my yoga teacher training.  I have heard many amazing things about my instructor and will finally get the opportunity to talk directly with her today for the first time. I am on a path of constantly wanting to be challenged within my own expansion.  I want to see how far it is that I really can go.  I'm still searching for many answers, although so many have already been answered.  I cannot wait to see how this course strengthens my faith in myself, in love and in heart.  Only the Universe knows how my life will unfold next.  I am a faithful student in every step of the path it lays out for me.  The Universe has stuck with me through every short cut, wrong turn, and all of my back tracking.  It is now my commitment to stick with the Universe and be open to its ever present guidance.

How do you lead life with a big heart?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

An Offered Prayer

An offered prayer of condolence to our nation as we come to another year in remembrance of this tragedy.

May our hearts and prayers unite as one today
and everyday.

With love,

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

This New Space

Our wingspan becomes endless,
if we just allow it to be.


So after sharing yesterday's story, every ones next question to me was, so now what?  What is next for this new space that you have created?  I talked yesterday about asking a similar question in prayer.  What is the plan for me? I have been saying for months since I postponed my yoga teacher training course, that I wish I could be teaching this practice now.  I know without a doubt, that what I am supposed to be doing with my time is helping others to heal their minds, bodies and spirits.  I want to share this great space with them and show them how beautiful life can really be.

I was planning on taking the yoga teacher training next year.  I've been in contact with my instructor back and forth for months now. Yet I had been told months ago about a course offered right here, to where I wouldn't have to travel.  It is once a week for six months. I continued to go back and forth with the idea of this class.  When I received the message in prayer that I was just getting started on my journey of yoga and Spirit Launcher, much more followed in a flash visual.  There was no more questioning, no more back and forth with the decision.  I knew, I was signing up for the course that starts later this month.

The ancient practice of yoga has brought more love, peace and understanding of the world into my life.  It brought me back to myself, my source and my purpose.  Without beginning yoga and mediation when I did, I really don't know where life would have taken me.  It has allowed me to stretch my mind and body, to become comfortable in my discomfort of new things, it has relaxed my mind to be still enough to listen to my own heart and the very messages I had been hiding from my entire life.

I've done many things professionally.  I was called to open up my own business almost nine years ago.  I was called to become a nurse because of my undying love of taking care of people.  With the undoubted passion behind all of those things, nothing has called me like the call I am receiving to teach yoga and the lifestyle that emanates from it. My other professions have helped to prepare me for my new venture.  Yoga has helped me transform my mind completely to be of service to myself and others at all times.  My writing is an extension of that as well.  

Spirit Launcher started out as just a vision and has become something that I never expected.  It has expanded my mind to be open to receiving the words that I write everyday, post and share with everyone on this site, in the hopes that it will reach the hearts of those who want to hear the message.

So to answer the question of what am I going to do with this new space?  I'm going to continue to fill it with purpose, gratitude, love and action!  There will be no more clutter, no more baggage.  The time is now to continue to create the great wake of being.  To not waste a square inch on anything that doesn't serve my greater purpose.  I will continue to move onward and upward in life.  Taking each lesson as they come my way.  Spirit Launcher will be my space of documenting my journey into deepening my spiritual path through my writing, yoga, meditation and just living life to the fullest.  Life is going to continue to produce miracle after miracle each step of the way. I'm thrilled to be wide awake in life to be able to enjoy and appreciate each one of them.  And I am ecstatic I get to share my story with all of you. Thank you for taking this journey with me. 

Where can you create new space in your life?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Clean Up

Clear a space in every area
of your life.  This will bring peace,
clarity and knowing that the
old way of being is your past.
The new way of being will be your ultimate fulfillment.


Happy Monday Spirit Launchers!  I decided to take some time away last week.  I had  pretty remarkable life shifting experiences that I've been so excited to share with you all!  Needless to say, I am so happy to be back in my writing space.

We have all met life at some time or in some space that felt like we were in a rut.  We continue to do the same thing over and over again, knowing it isn't the best for us, and yet we don't quite have the answer to take us in a new direction.  Life will always meet us exactly where we are.  Leading into my miraculous week of major shifts.

My past was a past of the same old same old.  Same relationship, different person.  Same job, different company. Same disappointment, different situation.  The list could go on and on.  In asking for more to life, searching for more to life, and ultimately wanting to be more in life, many things started to be revealed to me.  I've realized that my spiritual journey began even within my marriage, because I knew there had to be more to life than what I was very much settling for.  So one by one I started removing the people in my life who were bringing me right down with them. I knew they didn't have the best of intentions for me because they didn't have the best of intentions for themselves.  This type of friendship was an impossible feat, truly.  I knew I needed to have better friendships, but ultimately I had to be a better friend to myself first.

One of my most significant shifts in life was learning the lesson of surrounding myself with people who love and support me and want me to be successful in life because that is the exact life they themselves are living.  That meant clearing the way of people who were trying to get me to hold back just because they were.  I needed a new environment.  One that I could support myself in, where I could support others, as well as be supported by others.  My new friendship paradigm started when I was working in a local spa. I had friends who not only worked in the same field as I, but were loving what it was that they did and that happiness ran over into their personal life.  We became a family of sorts and although we no longer work together, those people are still major constants in my life today.

So a few weeks ago an old friend knocked on the door of my spa.  It was a quiet Saturday morning, which his business is not open on the weekend, so I thought it was very unusual he was at my door.  We met four years ago at the time the both of us were going through our divorces and found a common thread of support in each other through the process. But it was not in a healthy way by any means. We were both going through terribly confusing times, so the friendship had its ups and downs and I finally ended the friendship (so I thought) because it was very reminiscent of my old friendships that I had let go of years before.  This friend however, would continue to pop up in my life and then would leave just as fast as he appeared.  This back and forth continued for about two years. So here I was, with my past staring at me in my present. I was yet again, at a crossroads. This time I knew when he appeared, he was coming with a message. I had no idea how big the message actually was. 

I attempted to make room for him because I knew how different my life is today compared to years ago, so I was willing to consider that his had changed as well.  But in talking to him more, there was still that heaviness he had always brought to the table.  His life is full of unsettled problems, he has conflicts with many people in his life and is just overall pretty negative in his thoughts and many of his actions.  So I knew, he was the same old same old.  So why was he here?  Because a friendship didn't really make sense to me.  I continued to try to measure the worth of the relationship and I ended up drained and my efforts for an answer had all been exhausted.  So I said a prayer, what does this all mean?  That was when I got my answer loud and clear.  Out with the old, to make room for the new, and in an instant I knew what it all meant. Although I thought I had let go of the relationship, there were residual emotions that needed to surface in order for me to move on completely.

I was in a service with a client last weekend and in a flash had a vision of cleaning out my apartment.  When I left my husband four years ago, I literally just put things wherever I could find room.  There was no organization, no thought out plan, things were just everywhere.  So I came home later that day, got trash bags ready and started with my closet.  As I was separating what would be thrown away and what would be donated I quickly started to have this horrible lower back pain.  I didn't really understand why because I wasn't doing any heavy lifting. Later that night the answer came to me, which I will share shortly.  I went from my closet to the rest of the mess in my bedroom, kitchen, and living room.  By the end, I had a giant pile of four years of weight, packed tightly into trash bags that I was letting go of. I felt a clearing in my soul like I hadn't experienced before.

Later that night my entire back, neck and head ached ferociously.  I realized I had been harboring old emotion that was rising up and ready to be released.  That explained the lower back pain traveling up my spine to my head.  In studying yoga and having these significant emotional flushings over the last few months, I knew exactly what was going on. We hold residual pain in our hips and abdomen. This pain was ready to surface now more than ever and be let go of, forever. I've talked about these emotional releases in quite a few of my recent articles. It was painful, yet I knew in time, I would feel the new miracle inside.

The next morning my exhaustion, back, neck and head pain were gone.  I had an energy and excitement in everything I said and did.  I looked at the pile of trash and donations and one by one carried the trash out. With the weight of each bag, I felt the emotional weight I was carrying around even still, yet not knowing it.  By getting rid of each bag, I felt a release and began to feel weightless.  That continued as I donated the rest of the bags. I then said another prayer as I was in such a state of gratitude.  What am I supposed to do with Spirit Launcher and then my yoga practice? What does all of this mean?  What is the plan for me?  You're just getting started, was the immediate answer I received. And again, in a flash I knew exactly what I was supposed to do.

I will continue to share the rest of this story with you in my upcoming articles.  My life has had  major shifts, a clearing, a clean up if you will in the last week.  This is the miracle that is life.  When you are open to receiving and learning, all of the answers will come.  Your path, your direction will speak to you in infinite ways.  I can without a doubt say this was the moment that allowed me to see how abundantly supported I am by the Universe.  Although this old friend got me to slightly veer off course for a moment by bringing worry, doubt and confusion into my life, the Universe never let me go. It brought me right back on track. The thought of my old life doesn't even interest me, because in no way could it serve me.  The last remnant, this old friend is no longer in my life.  I let him go in order to make room for the new.  I had to release everything that no longer served me and my purpose.  I see my path so much more clearly now and I know exactly what I am to be doing.

This was a lesson of letting go in a BIG way.  What are you still holding on to that you may not even realize? What or who could possibly be weighing you down and holding you from your destiny?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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