Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Visualization Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  It is time again for our community meditation.  This is where we all gather with the same intention and share that intention in community, ultimately extending it to the world.  I've talked this week about the act of manifesting.  Having a vision of what your heart is telling you that you must do to fulfill your deepest purpose.

Sit in a comfortable crossed leg position on the floor. Light a single candle. Think of four things your heart is telling you that you need.  Write them down.  Look over the list.  Read them one by one.  With each goal, close your eyes and visualize what it would feel like to achieve that goal. Continue until you have visualized all that you have listed.

Take three long deep breaths in through your nose and release slowly.  
Release all of those visions to the Universe.  Say to yourself, 
"I release you and I trust."

Sit in silence as long as you like.  Allow
the thoughts to flow in and out of your mind.
Don't feed into the thoughts.
Just be witness to them flowing in and out.
Soon the thoughts will turn to silence.

Then say to yourself,
"I accept all and I trust."

Open your eyes.
Blow out the single candle before you.

Sit in silence as long as you wish.

Know that you are guided every step
of the journey that is this life.


As always with love,


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