Monday, September 30, 2013

You Being You

Our purpose is the thunderbolt
of wisdom within our very
own hearts.


It's taken me a long time to get here.  To be in the space of acceptance of my truest Self.  To want to be in front of the crowd instead of hiding in back of the crowd. My life is a message that needs to be delivered. I want to be seen and to be heard. To be comfortable enough within my own discomfort to tell and live my own story.  And what a story it is.  

To be who I am after all, is the very person I've always wanted to be. To cut through the heartache, disappointment and shadows, in order to see the light and to live within my own awakening.  This is the life that was intended for me all along.  This was the life I so much wanted to believe existed, but always feared too much to be able to explore the possibilities in order to find out.

The development of Self is life's journey.  Through life we are taught and pick up habits that do not serve our purpose.  This brings us further and further away from our given plan.  But the seed of creative force is within us all along.  It is our heartbeat, our breath, it is the very spirit that resides inside each one of us, that enables us to be alive.  It enables us to reroute to our given path when we are ready to get back to where it is that we've originally come from.

My awakening began with a belief.  A belief that life was intended to be better than what I had settled for. I've talked in length in previous articles about my sacrifice of Self  made in entering into an abusive marriage that ensued emotional grief so great, I felt my life leaving my own body.  My spirit however, was the driving force of resuscitation that never allowed me to completely give up and give in to the shadows.  My spirit, was the very thing that kept me alive.

I've become reminiscent lately as next month marks the third anniversary of my survival.  This was the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken. I left behind my old life and prayed for something better. I had no idea what was in store for me.  Looking back, there was nothing easy about this venture. There was no guaranteed outcome.  The only comfort was in knowing that life could only get better from where I was.  The choice was purely up to me.

So I got to work.  The serious work started after graduating with my nursing degree.  At that point there were no distractions or obligations.  Life was going on and I needed to get back in the game. How, you might ask?  I began to finally listen to my heart.  The very thing that is our inner guide and has all of the answers, just happened to be the very thing I ignored time and time again.  It was a matter of the heart, plain and simple.  I had created a habit in life of having an idea of what I wanted.  So if what or who I had in my life wasn't what my heart was telling me I needed, I would try to manipulate, control, conform, imagine even, that what I had was exactly what I wanted.  I fought my heart's guidance tooth and nail.  At the end of the fight, I always lost. My life changed as soon as I finally accepted what it was to actually listen. 

So I stopped trying to be who I wasn't and doing things that didn't serve my greater purpose.  I listened and I followed.  I finally allowed myself to be guided in my own direction.  It was my very heart that brought me to the heart of my Self.  It was the point of me finally being me. 

The evolution of the heart is never a small feat.  It is our greatest encounter.  It connects us to the truth, to all that we are created to be, and our great Creator himself.  When we break through all that blocks us from the light, we can then see our own way.  Clarity becomes a way of living.  Asking for guidance from our deepest adviser becomes the way to live.  You being you, becomes the only life worth living.

How has connecting with your truth changed your life?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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