Monday, September 9, 2013

The Clean Up

Clear a space in every area
of your life.  This will bring peace,
clarity and knowing that the
old way of being is your past.
The new way of being will be your ultimate fulfillment.


Happy Monday Spirit Launchers!  I decided to take some time away last week.  I had  pretty remarkable life shifting experiences that I've been so excited to share with you all!  Needless to say, I am so happy to be back in my writing space.

We have all met life at some time or in some space that felt like we were in a rut.  We continue to do the same thing over and over again, knowing it isn't the best for us, and yet we don't quite have the answer to take us in a new direction.  Life will always meet us exactly where we are.  Leading into my miraculous week of major shifts.

My past was a past of the same old same old.  Same relationship, different person.  Same job, different company. Same disappointment, different situation.  The list could go on and on.  In asking for more to life, searching for more to life, and ultimately wanting to be more in life, many things started to be revealed to me.  I've realized that my spiritual journey began even within my marriage, because I knew there had to be more to life than what I was very much settling for.  So one by one I started removing the people in my life who were bringing me right down with them. I knew they didn't have the best of intentions for me because they didn't have the best of intentions for themselves.  This type of friendship was an impossible feat, truly.  I knew I needed to have better friendships, but ultimately I had to be a better friend to myself first.

One of my most significant shifts in life was learning the lesson of surrounding myself with people who love and support me and want me to be successful in life because that is the exact life they themselves are living.  That meant clearing the way of people who were trying to get me to hold back just because they were.  I needed a new environment.  One that I could support myself in, where I could support others, as well as be supported by others.  My new friendship paradigm started when I was working in a local spa. I had friends who not only worked in the same field as I, but were loving what it was that they did and that happiness ran over into their personal life.  We became a family of sorts and although we no longer work together, those people are still major constants in my life today.

So a few weeks ago an old friend knocked on the door of my spa.  It was a quiet Saturday morning, which his business is not open on the weekend, so I thought it was very unusual he was at my door.  We met four years ago at the time the both of us were going through our divorces and found a common thread of support in each other through the process. But it was not in a healthy way by any means. We were both going through terribly confusing times, so the friendship had its ups and downs and I finally ended the friendship (so I thought) because it was very reminiscent of my old friendships that I had let go of years before.  This friend however, would continue to pop up in my life and then would leave just as fast as he appeared.  This back and forth continued for about two years. So here I was, with my past staring at me in my present. I was yet again, at a crossroads. This time I knew when he appeared, he was coming with a message. I had no idea how big the message actually was. 

I attempted to make room for him because I knew how different my life is today compared to years ago, so I was willing to consider that his had changed as well.  But in talking to him more, there was still that heaviness he had always brought to the table.  His life is full of unsettled problems, he has conflicts with many people in his life and is just overall pretty negative in his thoughts and many of his actions.  So I knew, he was the same old same old.  So why was he here?  Because a friendship didn't really make sense to me.  I continued to try to measure the worth of the relationship and I ended up drained and my efforts for an answer had all been exhausted.  So I said a prayer, what does this all mean?  That was when I got my answer loud and clear.  Out with the old, to make room for the new, and in an instant I knew what it all meant. Although I thought I had let go of the relationship, there were residual emotions that needed to surface in order for me to move on completely.

I was in a service with a client last weekend and in a flash had a vision of cleaning out my apartment.  When I left my husband four years ago, I literally just put things wherever I could find room.  There was no organization, no thought out plan, things were just everywhere.  So I came home later that day, got trash bags ready and started with my closet.  As I was separating what would be thrown away and what would be donated I quickly started to have this horrible lower back pain.  I didn't really understand why because I wasn't doing any heavy lifting. Later that night the answer came to me, which I will share shortly.  I went from my closet to the rest of the mess in my bedroom, kitchen, and living room.  By the end, I had a giant pile of four years of weight, packed tightly into trash bags that I was letting go of. I felt a clearing in my soul like I hadn't experienced before.

Later that night my entire back, neck and head ached ferociously.  I realized I had been harboring old emotion that was rising up and ready to be released.  That explained the lower back pain traveling up my spine to my head.  In studying yoga and having these significant emotional flushings over the last few months, I knew exactly what was going on. We hold residual pain in our hips and abdomen. This pain was ready to surface now more than ever and be let go of, forever. I've talked about these emotional releases in quite a few of my recent articles. It was painful, yet I knew in time, I would feel the new miracle inside.

The next morning my exhaustion, back, neck and head pain were gone.  I had an energy and excitement in everything I said and did.  I looked at the pile of trash and donations and one by one carried the trash out. With the weight of each bag, I felt the emotional weight I was carrying around even still, yet not knowing it.  By getting rid of each bag, I felt a release and began to feel weightless.  That continued as I donated the rest of the bags. I then said another prayer as I was in such a state of gratitude.  What am I supposed to do with Spirit Launcher and then my yoga practice? What does all of this mean?  What is the plan for me?  You're just getting started, was the immediate answer I received. And again, in a flash I knew exactly what I was supposed to do.

I will continue to share the rest of this story with you in my upcoming articles.  My life has had  major shifts, a clearing, a clean up if you will in the last week.  This is the miracle that is life.  When you are open to receiving and learning, all of the answers will come.  Your path, your direction will speak to you in infinite ways.  I can without a doubt say this was the moment that allowed me to see how abundantly supported I am by the Universe.  Although this old friend got me to slightly veer off course for a moment by bringing worry, doubt and confusion into my life, the Universe never let me go. It brought me right back on track. The thought of my old life doesn't even interest me, because in no way could it serve me.  The last remnant, this old friend is no longer in my life.  I let him go in order to make room for the new.  I had to release everything that no longer served me and my purpose.  I see my path so much more clearly now and I know exactly what I am to be doing.

This was a lesson of letting go in a BIG way.  What are you still holding on to that you may not even realize? What or who could possibly be weighing you down and holding you from your destiny?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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