Friday, September 13, 2013

The Quest

The perfect answer
lies within your own heart.


The meeting of the mind and the heart is a quest within itself.  I always considered myself to be a rational person.  I wanted facts to back up what my heart was telling me.  What I've come to realize is, those cold hard facts aren't really necessary in making decisions.  Now this isn't to say throw all common sense out the window.  What I am saying is, we know enough by what our heart is telling us to make any decision possible.

I talked with my yoga instructor for the first time yesterday.  This conversation solidified everything I've been practicing spiritually. I believe wholeheartedly in my spiritual quest in life.  I know without a doubt more and more each day how divinely led an held I am in everything that I do.  I just must be present enough to hear the direction I'm being called to.

I've struggled for months of taking a yoga teacher training course that is quite a distance away and much more expensive due to the travel costs.  As much as I thought that was what I should be doing and where I needed to be, when I started making plans to do it, they would fall apart at the seams.  My gut was telling me something wasn't right.  During the conversation today with my instructor, I realized that the type of practice I wanted to be learning has been right in my own back yard all along. I get to travel minutes to the classroom studio instead of hours.  Throughout the last few months, I continued to be pulled back to this yoga course and now I know why. This is where my quest is taking me.  This is where I belonged all along.

I really truly sit in absolute awe of my life everyday.  As much as life used to bring me to my knees in devastation, it now brings me to my knees in gratitude.  Working as a nurse in oncology I am grateful for my health everyday.  Spending time with friends and family I am grateful that I have a loving support system to hold me up. Spending time in yoga and meditation, I am grateful for the unbreakable connection between myself and my Creator.  And knowing that my teacher training will only continue to deepen that connection.

When I left my husband four years ago, I asked myself what I wanted for my new life.  I just wanted happiness. I set out with a hope of what happiness really meant and what it would actually be like. And what life has unfolded and become is beyond my wildest expectations.  No dream has been too big and no hope went unanswered.

Hang on tight to what you dream of, and dream big.  Hang on so tightly that you are brave enough to let go in order to be led in your quest.  The Universe has all of the answers and the perfect road map for our heart's desires. Trust and you will be given the key to all the secret doors, the answer to every question, and the freedom of knowing we are heading toward our own supreme being.  That is our truth.  Our very self.

Where is your quest taking you?  What surprises have been revealed along the way?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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