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Witness all that is in view. 
The first time.


Our senses are an astounding ability.  We can see and hear near and far. Smell a change in the air, touch textures and taste an array of flavors.  Our intuition is another sense that actually integrates knowing with feeling.  This isn't a feeling we experience through touch.  This is a feeling we experience through the deepest of our senses.  It is our core energy inputting information from the Universe and allowing us to have knowing that goes beyond what our other five senses can show us. It is proof that we are all interconnected with everything and everyone.

In my immediate world, it is not uncommon for the people around me to be extremely disconnected with their own intuition, or gut feeling as many refer to it as.  Although they acknowledge that they knew something before a particular occurrence happened by saying things like, "Something just didn't feel right." or "I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but I just knew..."  

The truth is, we all have the knowing.  It is an innate characteristic of our Self. It is a fantastic tool that we so easily forget is there for us to use and make our best assessments in any and all situations.  When we sit in silence whether by praying, meditating or simply just sitting and being open, we are practicing and participating in connecting with our deepest knowing.

Our bodies are constantly speaking to us.  We've all experienced being nervous at some point in our life time.  What happens during that moment?  Our heart starts to race, we can start shaking, sweating and stumbling even.  Have you ever had a shift in energetic feel when someone walks into the room?  Our bodies are constantly sensing change and delivering messages to us.  We always feel the change.  But when we ignore it, it is in hindsight, that we say, "I should have seen that coming." Because in actuality, we did.

Be a witness to what it is your body is telling you.  This has taken me years to learn.  My gut instinct has always been very strong.  I can remember all the way back as a child having the ability of just knowing.  As I got older, I started to shift away from listening.  If it wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear, then I wanted to try my everything to prove it wrong.

Some people in my life laugh in astonishment at this ability.  They are amazed at how spot on it actually is, especially today with my daily practices.  I can't say that I blame them because I still revel in amazement myself.  Then there are others who simply have disconnected so much from their own intuition that they just refuse to believe what is biting them in the nose.  They want to wait for the facts, the details that are tangible.  And I totally understand this because I used to want the cold hard facts myself.  Through denial of what my own intuition was telling me and waiting for the hard facts, I had a revelation one day.  My gut has never led me from the truth.  It has never led me astray.  What it tells me simply is the truth.  In my search for dismantling my own truth I discovered this.  Trying to disprove my own truth has only led me to waste time and invest in what I knew all along not to invest in.  And because of the bad investment, I would then have the heartache to follow.  So what is the point of going against our gut when the end result isn't going to change? The only thing that is different is time and energy has been lost.

Stubbornness and disconnection is a combination for disaster. This leads us away from our inner guide. Listening to the feeling of a feeling, is simply a road map to our destiny. Bearing witness to where the sensation is in the body, our inner world, in reference to what is going on in our outer world, integrates the two together giving us the answers that we need to everything.  You can choose to wait around for the stamp of approval, the finite details, or for the curtain to perform its unveiling.  Or you can believe in what your own truth has been telling you all along. 

You will have those that will try to derail you because your own power scares them.  Let them live out their journey in the way they choose.  One of my most favorite Yogi's stated, "There are two ways to do things. The easy way and the hard way.  The choice is yours."  They went on to explain that when you practice listening to your inner most self, this is when life becomes easy. Not in the sense that you won't be challenged. It is that you no longer struggle in worry, piecing apart every little detail, or deconstructing with the intention of trying to put it all together.  This is a waste of productive thought and action.  In simply believing in what we are being told the first time, without wasting time, we can move forward and continue to do our real work in each and every moment.

Where do you bear witness to your own emotion?  How do you let yourself be led by your inner guide?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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