Monday, September 16, 2013

A Vision

Our life's vision
will manifest itself if
we allow ourselves to believe
everything is possible.


Visions.  We all have them and have had them as far back as we remember.  What do our visions tell us about ourselves and our lives?  Do we believe in them?  As a child, we were under the understanding that anything and everything is possible.  As we grow older, doubt and disbelief can settle in.  Changing our life's visions to glimpses of an improbable dream.  When and where does this breaking point happen?

I fully believe and know, that what we think is what will happen.  I have seen the change in my own reality.  I have felt the change within my own being.  My old way of thinking was full of pessimism and shattered thoughts.  I used to believe that good things only happen to certain people and the rest of us were left with the crumbs of life.  Just writing that right now makes me shutter.  My thought transition has been a process.  But once I was open to a different way of thinking, things changed pretty quickly.  Now, I think, see and live miracles everyday. 

What we think is what we get.  Truly.  Practice this for one day.  Every time you have a fearful thought, change your mind.  Ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen in this moment.  Shift to a more positive light.  Even if you just say to yourself, I choose to see this situation differently.  I choose to fill it with love, instead of fear.  Give yourself enough time to breathe into the thought and in that change of thought comes a shift, a change in perception, of the entire world inside and all around you. Sounds easy enough right?  And it works. 

If we believe in the visions that have been set forth for us, they will happen.  The Universe is working to fulfill our every need in every given second.  All we have to do is follow through on our end of it and believe.  I've seen it happen in my life.  I went from financially and emotionally struggling to get out of a marriage while putting myself through nursing school, to almost four years later having the life of my dreams, the job of my dreams and a real and raw relationship with my Divine.  Everything I envisioned has happened...and then some.  Now my new adventure into yoga teacher training is about to begin and I know this all will just get bigger and deepen.

I found out today that my cousin got the job of her dreams.  About three years ago she talked to me about how she wanted to move to California and work for a plastic surgeon.  Well, two months ago she actually did just that.  She moved to California, found an apartment and continued to look for work.  Just the other day her vision, became her reality.  This all happened because she listened to what it was her heart was saying, she trusted, had faith and believed.  She manifested her vision and made it into her life.

So many people think about what they would like to do and then never follow through.  They either give up because they don't believe or they give up because it gets too hard.  The fact is we need everyone to follow through on what it is their own hearts are calling them to do.  We need you to be the full you.  Everyday and in everything. That goes for all of us.

I think about where my life would be if I hadn't asked for more and stayed in the marriage I was in. I couldn't imagine where I would be, because that life was never what was intended for me.  Now, I can imagine a million and more possibilities for my future and I am so excited.  The present is beyond words and what will be in the future will continue to grow into so much more.  I am blissfully recognizing my own growth and spreading love to everyone around me.  Some may not understand my journey.  Some may doubt it themselves. Some may even get mad at it.  At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that I believe, because I know the possibilities that come with having that kind of faith.  That is to never be questioned or ignored. It is to be welcomed in and fully embraced.

What do you envision for your life?  What visions have you manifested into reality?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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