Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Intention Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  We are back for another week of community meditation.  Today's meditation is about setting an intention for our day.  It's a perfect way to wake up, feel more vibrant and vital to today's work.

Find your quiet space. For this meditation I like to light three small candles in front of me.  I like using a mantra as well.  One of my favorites is the "I Am..." mantra. Anything you wish to see or be more of in life, put the words "I am" in front of the phrase.  Concentrate on the feeling the mantra gives you.  How would it actually feel in your life for the intention to be fulfilled?  Initiating the feeling, creates an energetic flow to the Universe.  After that, it is in the Universe's hands and everything gets to work for our greater good. You will feel a shift not only inside of your being, but all around you.

I will share with you one of my favorite "I Am" mantras.  I use this quite frequently especially in new situations or just as I am getting ready to go to work for the day.  Please sit in a comfortable crossed leg position.  Put your hands, palms facing up on your knees, ready to receive the vibrant light of the day. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose.  Focus your sight from your mind's eye, the empty space between your eyebrows.  You can choose to repeat the mantra below or choose your own. Just as any decision in life, the choice is always yours.

"I am unconditional love."
"I am."

Repeat this several times until your mind starts to quiet.
Release that energy to the Universe.

Sit in silence as long as you wish.
Feel the sensation of this energy flow through your hands, 
your heart, and beyond.

Many blessings,


As always with love,


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