Thursday, September 19, 2013

Special Delivery

The surprises are what makes 
life worth living.


How do you handle uncertainty in your life?  Where the only guarantee is that there is no guarantee? I hear people say quite a bit that they don't like surprises. But think about this, isn't all of life a surprise?  Even our most guaranteed outcomes always seem to have a subsidiary twist with them right? Do we put ourselves out there in life only for the guarantee or do we take a risk in hope of something bigger?  Do we play it safe, or do we go all in?

I know plenty of people who safe guard their lives by planning, controlling, and attempting to manipulate outcomes. All to find out that the steps along the way weren't what they anticipated at all.  Then they get upset because they have spent so much time contriving what they thought should have happened and didn't.  How life is unfair to them.  Why does nothing ever go as planned?  The answer to that is, the Universe has a much bigger plan for us than we could have ever expected.  It is the Universe that brings us special deliveries of surprise, that even sometimes we had no idea we ever could have dreamed we would want.  

I planned my entire life.  Endlessly. And I am not saying to not have a plan.  Please do have a plan!  Just don't be woven so tightly within it and its outcome that you are not remaining open to whatever else is meant to come with the plan.  Be open to the surprises, the special deliveries.  Not only do we need them, they are intended just for us.

When I was going through both of my nursing degrees, if any little thing would go differently than I had planned or thought it was supposed to, I would absolutely lose it.  I would panic, worry, stress out to my max and think to myself, everything is crashing down around me.  Why can't anything just go smoothly for once? After doing this numerous times for years I realized, everything always turns out just fine.  Life always has a way of sorting out its own issues.  What is there really to get so upset about?

Well for me it was the time crunch.  I wanted to be done with my divorce, done with nursing school, done with the struggle.  Looking back at all four years now, I wouldn't give up any of it.  It was the most difficult time of my life, but it showed me what I was made of.  It showed me strength I didn't know I had.  The ability to love and be loved in a way I never knew possible.  And to live a fulfilled purpose everyday.

With all of the unexpected twists and turns in life no matter how large or small, they all came with lessons on living.  I had dinner last night with a newer group of friends. As I was sitting at the table I looked around at them all and was thankful for that exact moment.  Through all of the transition I've had in the last two years I am thankful for the message within this special delivery.  To know that I have surrounded myself with people who support and appreciate life just as it is.  They accept the good with the bad and to know that we are all in it together.  And after all is said and done, we can just sit and have a good laugh with each other.

So do have a plan and have your goals.  But try not to focus so much on the end result.  Enjoy every step of the way as you experience it all.  Be open to what else life will show you and teach you along the way.  Time is short, but the Universe has us covered.  Never make yourself feel like time is running out.  If you have unfinished business you will be given what you need.

You never have to fear.  You never have to feel not good enough.  You only have to remember that if you just believe in what your heart is telling you, be patient and let life unfold in its perfect order, that you will be shown the way.  You never have to worry about what is right around the corner.  In fact, you will want to wait for the reveal itself.  You will be willing to wait because you know whatever is in route is going to be the level marker of your next step. It is in fact, your very own special delivery.

What journey have you begun so far?  Where unexpectedly has it taken you?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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