Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Out Loud

Say out loud only what you mean.
And think only what you would say.


One week ago I had the pleasure of meeting all of my yoga teachers.  Yes there are two instructors for the course, yet I was sitting in a room full of not just my yoga-mates and two instructors, but all of my new teachers. Not only will we all get to know one another very closely through the course, but through getting to know each other, we will deepen our knowing of ourselves.  There are maybe fifteen or so of us all together and there was an immediate warmth to the atmosphere.  A huge part of it was the openness of my instructor Dani.  She immediately informed us that this class was meant to expand our knowledge on yoga and meditation, but it was also to help us get rid of "all of our shit" in order to do so.  With that statement, I had butterflies thinking about how this class is going to deepen my life in so many ways.

I began writing my first book at the first of the year.  As I was expanding on the chapters something just didn't feel complete.  Something told me that taking this yoga course would give me the completion to my book. I believe wholeheartedly that it is going to help to deliver a deeper sense of completion in my life.  

Spirit Launcher has broadened my bravery as I express my inner most experiences and knowledge of my own life, every day with friends, family and perfect strangers.  It has allowed me to stand in my truth even more honestly than I ever have before.  As we went around the room in last Tuesday's class, we introduced ourselves and told a snippet of our own stories.  What brought us to the class, what life was like before our practice, where we are now and where we wish to go within it.  

On my way home from the class, I realized that I had the opportunity to speak about my life.  I'm so used to writing about it, it almost seemed foreign to talk about how I came to be where I am.  It then occurred to me, that this experience is going to enable me to tell my story out loud.  My written voice is one thing.  I love being gifted each new day material to share with the world.  But speaking, brings an entirely different element. One of my goals is to begin lecturing about my own life experiences.  Clearly, this is where I'm being led to next.

This class will be full of surprises.  I could never predict what all will come of this course.  But I will predict it is another stepping stone in my promise of purpose. It will be an even bigger heart opener.  And I am ready to receive and deliver.  My written voice can say what it needs to say.  Now my spoken voice will learn to do the same.  I no longer have to hold back.  I can find the freedom to break through all of my constraints. I can find comfort, within the newness of telling my story out loud.  Now, it can be seen and now it will be heard. 

Our voices are our life's song.  I am no longer too fearful to sing out loud.  To be the voice that is heard. To be the message behind that voice.  This is me, standing in my truest self.  As the message during meditation told me a few weeks ago, "You're just getting started", I am ecstatic with where I've been, with where I am in this very moment, and with where it is I will be going. For my life's concert, I have the best seat in the house.

How do you show yourself out loud?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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