Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Sunday Message: Lean On

Lean in and lean on Faith.
Life is constantly changing.
Grow with each moment.


I've been reflecting a lot lately.  About where life has taken me in my past, the lessons I have learned in both happiness and pain, and the exciting ride I continue to take with each new day.  The one constant that has shown in all of these moments is Faith.  Leaning into it and leaning on it, in everything I do.  

Through Dr. Wayne Dyer's gracious writings, I was blessed with the lesson of learning about the Divine that resides in each of us.  The light that never fades no matter how many times we've willingly or unwillingly tried to dim it. The light that prevails through everything.  The power within us that never allows us to give up, no matter how tough life's lessons become. 

Lean into each moment by leaning on Faith.  Knowing that inside of each of us resides that eternal light.  A force of nature to be reckoned with. Never allow yourself to settle.  Having Faith allows us to understand that life will bring us the people, things, and opportunities we need in any given moment.  They are all of our teachers.  No matter if they bring us more lightness or are a shadow figure, we will learn something.  About them, about life, and even more so, about ourselves.

What is before us is exactly what we need.  And if we follow Faith's lead, we know we will always be taken care of.  I wrote an article awhile back called, An Answered Prayer.  An answered prayer is the beauty that aligns us with reassurance that we know what we need and that it is not just about what we want.  The flip side to that is an unanswered prayer. These arise from us knowing what we want, but the Universe knowing better and gracing us with exactly what we need.

When we lose Faith we can become a wrecking ball to our own lives and even to those around us. Having Faith, gives us the knowing and the know how to move forward with grace no matter what has trailed us in our past. Each lesson is a new beginning.  Our perception changes as we grow into these new beginnings. As we see our own truth more clearly.  Trust that you have already arrived and yet you are still on your way. 

May your day today be blessed with love and light.

As always with love,


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