Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trust Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  It is time yet again for our midweek meditation.  Today is the day we all come together sharing in the same intention of finding peace, love and acceptance in others and in ourselves.  When we join together as one with a shared intention, miracles occur.  So look for the miracles in today.  They truly are everywhere.

This meditation was inspired by one of my classmates last night.  We were discussing a particular section of reading and she asked the question, How do you accept someone treating you poorly? I've written many articles discussing this very topic.  This was something I struggled for many years with myself. So I sat and listened to her try to talk her way through the situation, knowing that the answer would come to her when she was ready to hear it. The answer lies inside of her.  Only she knows the details of the situation.  I could see her struggle in trusting in the answer she knew to be right for her and what she wanted to do.

Trust is Faith.  Knowing that we are abundantly held in this Universe is the very strength that can help us march forward as the peaceful warriors we are meant to be.  So today we will focus on trust.  Trusting in our Faith, our inner knowing and guidance.  Trust is the key to unlock the door to any struggle we may be facing at the moment.

Sit in a comfortable seated position.  Take a few long deep breaths in.  If you like, light a few candles before you along with listening to soft music.  Set a peaceful scene. This meditation will take you deep within your own heart.  So let's begin.

Continue to breathe deeply until you have reached a state of relaxation.  Then breathe naturally. Think of whatever it is that is bothering you, that you are questioning, or simply searching for answers.  Then release that to the Universe. Continue to sit in stillness.  Let the thoughts move in and out of your mind.  Do not attempt to control them.  Once the thoughts have settled, allow yourself to talk directly to your heart. 

Ask your heart, "What is it that I need to know?"
Sit in silence as long as you wish.

The answer may not come to you immediately.  It may not even come to you during this meditation.
Just be patient and trust.  You will receive the answer at the most perfect time.

May your day be filled with love and light always.


As always with love,


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