Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Inner Voice Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  Today is another community meditation.  Each week we join together to celebrate ourselves, our lives and each other.  I've talked lately about how I'm growing into sharing my story and my life through spoken word.  The transition from written word to spoken word has not been easy for me. And in fact, I've always struggled expressing myself vocally.   But each week with my yoga teacher training, little by little, my voice becomes more steady and able to be heard.  I remind myself constantly through this process, to be patient because I AM growing.

So before class yesterday, I practiced a chakra meditation focusing on my throat energy center.  In Sanskrit it is called Vishuddha, the center of expression.  I wanted to clear any blocks that may prevent me from speaking my truth. I want to share my inner voice with the world.  So this is the meditation I will share with you today!

Please find a comfortable seated position.  Close your eyes and rest your hands palms facing up on you legs. Take a few long, deep breaths in and release.  Feel the air fill your lung space with each inhale and then feel that space empty with each exhale.

Focus your attention on your throat.  Visualize the color blue in that space. Blue represents the energy center of the throat.  Begin chanting the word Hum by taking a long deep breath in and releasing the breath with the word Hum.  This will be our mantra. You can literally feel the vibration of the word in your throat. The word Hum is the energetic tone to release and open the throat space.  You can allow any negative energy to retire itself and move out of your way.  I chanted this for about 10 minutes yesterday.  You can choose to do it as long as you need.  The longer it is practiced the more beneficial it becomes.

Whenever you feel yourself struggling to find words to express what you need to say or mean to say, remember this practice.  Keep it close to your heart.  You will see the miracle occur right before your eyes.

Many blessings to you throughout your day.


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