Monday, October 7, 2013

Some Other Way

We can attempt to choose
the direction. Or we can follow
the given direction.  The choice
is always ours.


This past Saturday marked my 9th year in business for my skin care spa.  It was hard to believe so many years have gone by since my ideas were just dreams written on paper in a note book.  I began to look back at all of the years that have gone by.  The very beginning and the struggle to get the business going.  Then the moment in which it took flight.  Launching a dream is never simple.  It will always come with its ups and downs.  All that is needed is a heart full of love, commitment and faith.  Lean into any and all of the opportunities as far as each one will take you. Understanding that you are being led every step of the way, takes the pressure of worry off your shoulders and allows you to focus on what is important.  Your promise of purpose.

Saturday was a very special day for me.  My very first client of the day was one of my very first clients that ever walked through my door.  She has been with me and supported me every step of the way.  She knows my entire story both professionally and personally.  This got me thinking about how I gave up the opportunity to move to a big city to do this work.  Yet this new opportunity came my way and I grabbed it and never looked back.  Beyond all of the naysayers, the doubters, and the people who simply didn't understand, my mission was clear.  This was the love I went after, after attempting to fulfill someone elses dream for six years in college.  This was my dream to begin to live. And although in the beginning fear stopped me in my tracks, the Universe rerouted that dream right back to me.

That's the amazing thing about life.  I've said it many times, that no matter what, we are abundantly supported.  If fear stops us in our tracks, the Universe will send the lesson back to us in some other way.  It may not look the same, smell the same, or feel the same.  But underneath it all, it is our own gift of fulfillment given back to us for another try.

The miracles that occur in my life everyday are simply undeniable anymore.  Something very cool happened yesterday.  My dad said to me, "What is that thing you wanted to teach me?"  He then looks up an old text on his phone from months ago, of a mantra meditation that I tried to teach him when he was making a difficult professional decision.  He blew it off back then and called it hocus-pocus.  But today, he was open.  My life has transformed in the last year and a half to the point to where most people no longer question my methods. Because they see that whatever it is that I'm doing, is working.  And working well.  So I taught him again the very meditation I attempted to teach him months ago.  This time, he was willing and therefore able. He was willing to lean on faith and therefore able to receive the messages being delivered his way.  When we choose faith in something bigger than ourselves, that is when the light of a miracle can be let in.  When we continue to let that crack in our heart become bigger, the light is then able to radiate, allowing continuous miracles to occur.

I was explaining to a friend last week that the celebration is approaching for a particular Guru.  It is believed that if you celebrate his life up until his birthday and upon his birthday ask him for something, then he must grant it. I thought this was a fun and intriguing story.  My friend's response however was, "Well wishes don't come true.  And if you are going to ask for something, don't ask to find love because I've tried that and it doesn't work.  The wish never came true. It's all a joke." I could see him tensing from across the table. This clearly hit a nerve with him. I don't have his background story on why this upset him to this degree, but I can guess just by his daily actions what went wrong. The problem with making a wish about a particular person or having to have a definitive outcome is that you are not being open to what life is willing to give you. So of course that wish more than likely will not come true.  But when we release the wish as open ended to the Universe with no attachment, we allow the Universe to do her thing and bring us our fortune just as it is intended for us.  It is the attachment to outcome, the inability to lose control over matters that keep us stuck and impede our growth. 

Be very careful and cautious about the words of others who so openly try to deflate our own dreams and abilities.  They often times mean no harm.  They simply have lost faith.  When we allow control and the need to control take over, we have lost faith.  Always remember it is in letting go that miracles are allowed to come into our lives.  In letting go, we don't need our fortunes told. We need no crystal ball.  We don't need a sneak peak or a preview.  After all, that will just ruin the surprise.  Life will give us clues along the way if we are veering off course or losing pace.  We must trust, believe and know that the path we are being guided on and the direction in which we are being guided to is the way.  No matter how many times we veer off due to our own control issues, we can always choose a different way.  Whether by changing a thought, a pattern, or a view, we can choose to be led to our destiny and live within our own greatness within any given moment.

How has fear held you back from living out the life that was intended?  What other way did the Universe bring that dream back to you?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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