Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Daydreamer or Dream Chaser

A rainbow would not be as beautiful without all of its colors. 
A rainbow could not exist without the Sun.
A reminder to let your light shine through, so
the beauty of all your colors radiates
the beauty that is you.


Some might call them hidden talents.  Some might call them special gifts.  Whatever you wish to call them, these desires are implanted within us from the time we are born.  It could be music, art, writing, anything.  It is what makes our heart sing every time we think about that "thing".  It is what makes us, well us!  There isn't another you out there.  You could search the world near and far and it is true... the mold was broken when you were made.  Thank goodness!  It is our differences that make the world an interesting and spectacular place!  How boring would it be if we all had the same talents, interests, looks and personalities? Isn't that really the bigger picture in this great big world we live in?  To step out of our comfort zones and embrace the diversity that is our existence. 

So we have these talents, these dreams, these desires...so now what? How do you make that dream a reality?  What separates the daydreamers from the dream chasers?   It is fearlessness in action.  Now stepping into the unknown can very easily shake the nerves and rattle your sense of security.  That is the exact response that is supposed to happen.  When we step through our fears miracles occur.  Magic happens.  Stars align.  The Universe is at work.  We are in harmony with our purpose.  You see when we remain daydreamers, we hide our brightness, our purpose.  We hide the core of our beauty from the world.  We don't experience the bravery and strength that form from stepping through our fear and realizing the gorgeousness that lay beyond it on the other side.  Our fear should be our catalyst to know that we are coming to a crossroads in life.  The lesson can take us to the next step straight ahead, we could veer off to the right or left, we could take steps backwards, or we could just stand in the middle and over think until we become stuck and don't know what to do.

We are given these talents, dreams and gifts not to keep to ourselves, but to share to the world.  The world is to see all of our true colors radiate.  That is what makes the world beautiful.  So if you are holding back in fear, you are essentially holding back your beauty from the world.

What could you do today to transform from a daydreamer to a dream chaser?  What might be holding you back?  What might be the great force you find within to push forward into bravery?  Think about it, then blog about it!  The community wants to hear from you!  Let's help each other fearlessly radiate our beauty to the world!

Join me tomorrow when I talk about the first step in bravery and lead you through a bravery meditation.  So think about what may hold you back from your beauty or what drives you to move forward and join me tomorrow so as a community we can begin to meditate...together!!

As always with love,
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