Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dream Chasing: Meditation for Fearlessness

When you lead life with fear, you leave life with regrets.
When you lead life with love, you leave your legacy to the world.
You leave the world all of your glory.
The very gift that is you.

As I talked about yesterday, fear should be a catalyst not a break pedal in life.  In our pursuits with our dreams we will meet fear, every time. This is how we know we are on our way to something big.  Something bigger than our biggest of dreams could ever be. So we must forge ahead.  We can't go into dream chasing mode if and only if we have a guaranteed outcome of success.  That is not how it works.

We must focus on that very "thing" that makes our heart sing. The fantastic thing about dream chasing is, you never really know where all of the chasing will lead. You can think of an outcome or what you would like to happen, but the fact is the Universe has it all handled.  All we need to do is work on that "thing", stay in harmony, stay in peace, and let the Universe take us where it may.  If we knew the true outcome of everything that would simply take the fun out of living.  The journey is spectacular and the unfolding of the end result is magnificent.  Magnificent in the sense that one project will always lead to the next "thing" and then the next "thing" and so on.  This is the true brilliance of life...the unfolding.

I thought I had my whole life planned.  After my divorce I thought I would work as a nurse, remarry, have a family, raise that family and have the best of time doing it.  But then the Universe threw me a giant curve ball.  Yoga and meditation slowly became a daily practice.  They were both things I loved doing, but then one day it all changed.  They both became something I needed to do everyday.  Without this daily practice, life wouldn't be as bright and colorful.  It wouldn't have purpose.  These practices gave my life purpose.  In a single meditation I received a message to start writing.  Writing??  A journal?  What exactly was I to start writing?  So I did just that, I started journaling.  But I sensed there would be more to this and yes there was.  I participated in Deepak Chopra's 21Day Meditation Challenge last November and felt an incredible shift to my core.  Then came Gabrielle Bernstein's May Cause Miracles at the beginning of the year that shifted me even deeper.  My writing became more thought provoking.  I was being kept up at night and distracted throughout the day with writing passages.  These passages soon became my book.  I wrote the first 10 Chapters in two weeks. I then became inspired to do more with my writing.  This is where Spirit Launcher came into fruition. 

 I was getting ready for work one morning and a conversation I had with a friend the previous day about a woman he had met who was so inspirational to him came into my head.  Followed by the words Spirit Launcher.  A few days later with the help of my older brother (who started dream chasing his own dream a couple of months ago with his sports writing, Spirit Launcher was born.  And I cannot thank you all enough for your support!  This week has been so wonderful for me to see my work inspire the community as much as community inspires me. So with that lets start our dream chasing adventure together.  At 8pm eastern time tonight as a community lets meditate together.  Change happens slowly but faster and more eloquently in the masses.  Tell your friends, co-workers, family and even pets to join.  Either come together as a group or individually in your own home.  However you are most comfortable.  Either way we are not alone.  We will be working together as a community through the heart of intention.  Through the heart of intention near or far, we can feel our energy unite, coming together as one.

I would recommend reading through this meditation at least a few times prior to our 8pm meeting tonight.
Dream Chasing Meditation (5 minutes)
by Jennifer Fremion

Sit in a comfortable crossed legged position in a quiet peaceful place.
Rest your hands facing upward on your knees. Close your eyes
and take a deep breath in through your nose. 
Release the breath slowly.
Take another deep breath in through your nose, only this time hold your breath for a few seconds
and release slowly.
Repeat another deep breath in, hold at the top of the breath.
Then release slowly this time pushing all the air out, and hold until you have to breathe.
Continue a deep relaxing breath throughout the meditation.
Imagine in your mind's eye your dream.  It is so far out of reach you can barely see it.
But in your heart you know it is there waiting for you.
You start walking. You feel stuck as if there is mud underneath your feet.
You look down only to see that it is in fact mud you are walking through.
It is hard for you to walk at all, let alone at an even pace.
You use all of your strength but you fear you are too tired to move on.
You keep walking thinking to yourself this is only a challenge and it is one you are up for.  Finally releasing your feet from the mud you come to a beautiful field with lush long green grass waving in a soft breeze.  You stop for a moment to take in the beauty.  You close your eyes and take a deep breath in. When you open your eyes you realize your dream is closer. So close you realize it is not far out of reach.  The excitement invades your every cell and you start to run towards your dream.  Faster than ever.  You keep running until all you see before you is the most magnificent, miraculous, white light you have ever seen.  But now the white light isn't just before you it is all around you.
A feeling of divine love rushes through your deepest being.
You are home.  Everything is possible.  Everything is yours.
You are no longer chasing, your dream is now your reality.
Sit in this peaceful state as long as you wish.

Take a few moments to feel the difference in both your mind and body after this meditation.  Blog about how you feel and the shifts you start seeing in your fearlessness in the coming days. Again thank you for joining this community.

As always with love,

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Copyright 2013. Jennifer Fremion. All rights reserved.

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