Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Pattern of Connection

Connecting the dots day to day
is like filling in the blanks to show us the way.
Our exploration of life turns page to page.
And we collect the answers that only for us
Our Divine paves.


The pattern of connection is an innate and yet acquired skill.  We are born with this skill, yet as we get older we can lose sight of it and it can require hard work and effort to maintain it. It takes practice, patience, understanding, a sharp eye, and an eager ear.  All of our senses must be present or we will miss something. It is our key component that in a heartbeat can change our perceptions not only for the better, but forever.  Each and every day we are given experiences that are going to challenge us, change us, promote us and uphold us, if our watchful eye is aware and our open heart can receive.

I've talked before about life being an unfolding event.  With each day we are given a new opportunity to expand on what we already know, apply that knowledge to new experiences, and let those experiences flourish into something even greater that is awaiting in the next moment.  We are collecting the souvenirs of life with each new step we are granted.

What we take with us from our past is the knowing that follows us to our present tense and even our future. How can we take from our past and mix it with our present to create a reaction of growth in ourselves?  Do you have a pattern in your past that maybe isn't the most helpful and in some instances can be unhealthy? How do we grow from that?  The Universe has the perfect formula, it's called a repeat performance.  When there is a lesson to be learned from an old pattern, the Universe will bring that lesson back around.  The corrective response to that old pattern now in the new present is, how am I to handle this differently?  The last time this happend I put this unhealthy behavior in the formula and mixed it with this unhealthy behavior and the result...a mixure of disappointment.  But this time, if I put this healthy behavior in the formula and mix it with this healthy behavior the result becomes, a mixure of blossoming opportunity.

When life creates an open door that leads to disappointment, it is not open for us to give up and close the door on our growth.  It is there for us to find the pattern of connection within us that reaches for comfort in our own discomfort.  Unhealthy behaviors can become a bit of a comfort spot in our behavior.  Although it feels rotten and destructive, if we are in that space for too long it can become comfortable.  This is where we have to stay connected.  Because it is in our patterns of disconnection that can lead us down a long dark road that can so easily get us lost.

By staying connected we save ourselves the misery of becoming lost in the fog of our disillusioned self where our ego resides.  The past is the easiest way to predict what lays ahead of us.  When we are connecting the dots along the way we are keeping notes of what has transpired already.  We see the curriculum that both follows us and is carried in our pockets along the way.  We pick up the pieces one pebble at a time.  Until those pebbles become mounds and then those mounds grow into our mountain of knowledge.  We can share in each other's curriculum however, until we are ready to hear what is on the syllabus of that curriculum it could fall on deaf ears.

This is key.  We have to be watching and looking for everything at all times.  When we are fully aware, we are present enough to taste, smell, touch, see, and hear every molecule of the lesson.  This is what changes us back to our original selves and our journey will lead us eventually back to where we came.  The pattern of connection is a powerful tool in understanding how we can take each moment and carve it into the pavement that shows us our own way back home.

How can you connect deeper in your day to day patterns?  How can those patterns lead you to your lessons?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks for another eloquent post Jennifer! I feel so blessed to have had many "repeat performances" in my life thus far, and know that I'm much stronger and more resilient because of those lessons learned. I know I'll keep having encores pop up every so often, but I'm grateful to be in a place where I feel confident in knowing that I can get through them. I'm far more aware of spotting the patterns right away now, and remind myself to, "let go of the Ego". I've found that just saying that in my mind while breathing deeply, is a great negativity deterrent." I can tell that you're a pro at awareness, and I commend you for that! I absolutely adore you and the way your beautiful mind works! :)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Wendy! I love that "let go of the ego" that is brilliant and so true! What we tell ourselves in moments of joy and moments of challenge can make or break either one so why not make the moment the best it can be right? I'm so happy we have connected!