Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spark of Courage: The Article

Courage is love.
 To love is courageous.


I hope all of you enjoyed the experience of yesterday's community meditation.  Meditation on its own is so powerful.  Yet as a group it ignites an entirely different element.  Group meditation is a perfect platform to realize we are all connected through our loving intention. We realize we are all truly one.

We can enter into bravery by ourselves.  However, what army of one ever travels far?  It is when we join together that life gets better.  We can improve upon anything with an army behind us.  How many of you have had life experiences that have brought you to your knees?  We realize very quickly the blessings brought by our own army made up of family, friends and community.  It is an overwhelming feeling of being lifted up with a powering force that few words can really describe.  That powering force is nothing other than the almighty splendor that is love.

There is something so sacred about the connection of energy whether between two people or between a group of people.  Even sitting next to one another there is a settled calmness of strength that abounds from being gathered in the same space.  Now remember the exchange of energy felt in just holding another's hand?  And not just holding another's hand, but intending to send that person love and blessings?  How does that simple act of pure and unabiding love make you feel?  Just the thought of it can totally change your psyche at that very moment. The key is to not just think about it.  Be courageous enough to take action and live in it right now. By making the effort to act in love, we can ultimately change the world's psyche.

It takes courage to show someone our heart.  It takes acceptance of the one piece of courage we need to reveal to another, and that is to be open enough to be vulnerable.  This is not to say we are to open our entire selves up to anyone and everyone, but we can be loving to any and all.  How do you measure love?  Is it conditional to some yet unconditional to others? Here is a daily assignment that changed my life forever.  Thank you Deepak Chopra for this.  During one of Deepak's 21 Day Meditation Challenges we were instructed to see our Divine in everyone's eyes for one entire day.  Whether a person greeted you with a warm embrace or sneered at you, the challenge was to look for our Divine within them and send them love, no matter what.  Not an easy thing when you are dealing with someone who is being unkind.  But look what is missing in the act of being unkind, it is love. If we want to see more love, we very simply need to give more love. Once you experience the shift within yourself, it will change you, I promise. It's a really miraculous experience that I would recommend you to try for a day, then try to implement it everyday.

If we remember to get back to basics we can get back to love. It is the center of it all and it is the center of us all.  We are a pure extension of our Divine who is eternal, never ending love. This is the power we manifest by living within the spark of courage. When we ignite that loving spark within ourselves and then through kindness to another pass that spark on, we inevitably can and will light up the entire world. 

How can you share your spark of courage with the world today?  Share with us we would love to hear from you. 

As always with love,


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