Friday, May 10, 2013

Step By Step

How do we create an everlasting love?
Live with passion, breathe through the pain,
and live in the knowing of the
heart of consciousness.

This week as you may have already realized I have focused on the heart.  The heart of life, the heart of pain, the heart of learning, and of course the heart of spirit.  I am so in love and intrigued with meeting the heart of consciousness and how each step we take opens us to the only life worth living.

The life I used to live feels like an old friend with whom I've grown apart. I felt every step I would take was leading me against the grain in life.  Anything that could have gone wrong did.  And that happened because that is all I expected to happen.  I didn't realize that thoughts create reality. I didn't realize that our external world was a direct reflection of our internal world.  I don't despise that old life by any means.  That old life was one of my greatest teachers.  It brought lessons to me that at the time no other way could have reached me.  Now it's a constant reminder of how life doesn't have to be. It brought me back to me.

We can sometimes be changed by our life experiences and get away from our original self.  The original spirit that was deep seeded in us at birth.  As I found in adulthood through my life experiences my spirit was buried.  It was never completely forgotten but it was buried so deeply it took years to uncover. It was my original spirit that gave me the fight, the determination to uncover what had been silenced.  It is that constant whisper that is loud enough to shake you to your bones.  The exact thing that will shake you back into living an everlasting love.

When you meet the heart of consciousness you step out of the darkness.  Your light source ignites and you come out of the world of black and white and live in full color. Life starts to happen. But you may be asking how do we get there?  For me it was learning that I am not alone.  That I am connected with my source.  That I am a part of something so much bigger than I could ever imagine made life for me make perfect sense.  To know that my source sent me here with a mission and it is my purpose to fulfill that mission.  I started doing deep meditation in order to connect with my source. I have found that for me 40 minutes of deep meditation a day works best.  I didn't start there however.  You could easily start with 2 minutes and over time you will feel a difference.  It is that moment in time that in complete stillness you connect with the heart of consciousness and the answers to life come.  My answer was giving my spirit in service.  Asking my source everyday "how can I help"? The greatest love that I found was in helping other people.  Whether I'm working with clients or working with patients every day I find someway to help someone.  For me there is no greater joy than that.

I am now living in the heart of consciousness.  This life still does have its struggles.  Just because we start to see and live through the light doesn't mean we don't falter. It is in our faltering we are reminded we are human. We are progressive beings no matter how long we have been living.  The only thing that matters is that we do better each and every time.  After awhile life gets easier not because it's getting easier, but because we have an understanding of everything that happens and why.  We know we are being given lessons to increase our heart's capacity to live our fullest most beautiful life possible.

How do you connect with the heart of consciousness?  What makes you feel connected to yourself and to the world?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

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