Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Rush

It is not the grand prize at the end that
is the prize at all.  The real prize is in the
slow progression to the finish line.
That is what makes us victorious in
our own time

It is difficult to look at our itinerary for the day and not think, how will I fit all of this in?  Is there really enough time in the day to get everything done?  I remember one of the physicians I work with saying to us one day, "When God made the week, why didn't he make it ten days instead of seven?" BINGO! That is it right there! We all have responsibilities in life, we can't escape that.  But why has it become okay in our society to bog our lives down so heavily, that the thought of just a day or even just an hour of that day makes us want to crawl under a rock and hide?

Have you ever rushed around in the morning while getting ready for work, jumped in your car, your mind racing the entire way there and you pull in to park your car and you don't remember the drive in?  How many people do you pass in the hall at work, the aisle at the grocery store, just in one entire day and you don't even make eye contact with them because your body is physically there but, your mind is far far away?

I get it, I really do.  I was right there just a little over a year ago.  I was rushing to get my RN nursing boards passed, I was managing my business and clients, I was working full time as an LPN, and I was emotionally and physically drained all at the same time.  What got me to slow down?  Very simply, life.  I was in the middle of my last semester in nursing and a client of mine said to me, " Jen, sometimes things happen in our life to simply slow us down.  If we don't voluntarily do it, it does it for us."  She was so right.  Have you noticed that in your own life?  We get almost to our breaking point and then something happens and boom, we have to stop.  Life happens and we are forced to regroup and try again. It's like pressing the reset button on our lives.  So can I ask then what is the rush?  Why are we in such a big hurry to get through life?  Life goes so fast on its own, why would we want it to go any faster than it has to?

Can this be a measurement of how in love we are with our own life?  This is not to say that we don't love our lives and what we are doing day to day.  But the big question is, how can we make our lives better?  By freeing up enough time to let ourselves breathe and unwind.  What is the fun factor of your life?  Are you having fun and enjoying your every day?  Life will bring stresses, know that much. That is just a part of life that pushes us to become better. But what are we doing to have fun?

Life shouldn't be a race to the finish. Think about how much we are missing when we are in the game but our head is way out in left field.  Think about how many things we could miss out on in just one day because we are too "busy" to even notice.

I am hoping with the community meditations that we can shed some light on the importance of slowing down, even for a matter of a few minutes and taking inventory on what is going on both inside ourselves and around us. Remember that a good barometer of what is going on inside of ourselves is to look at our immediate world around us. Our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world.  If we are stressed and unhappy, life will bring us more stress and unhappiness.  If we are in love with life and grateful, life will bring more of that too. 

Find something in your life that you can do that will bring stillness, calm and rejuvenation to your spirit. For me that is yoga and meditation. For you it could be something totally different.  The point is to find that very thing that can refresh your spirit.  Regroup and then come back to your daily obligations.  This mind shift will help you to be present more and more throughout your day no matter how busy you may be.

That is what is so brilliant about life.  It will force us to slow down in order to see what is in front of us when it is actually in front of us.  So again why the big rush in life?

Where could you slow down in your everyday routine?  What could you add to your life to bring more joy?  What could you take away from your life to bring more joy?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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