Friday, May 31, 2013

A Lion's Heart

Listen in silence,
as the heart never lies.
Lead with perseverance,
as a lion's heart never hides.


One of my most favorite things to talk and write about is the heart which ultimately leads to love.  It has taken me my whole life to learn how to truly love.  To learn how to give love and also how to receive love.  I struggled for a long time funny enough, to find the words to express to other's how I unconditionally feel about, well everything.  And it took me my lifetime thus far, to be able to feel comfortable enough to find the words in order to ask those that I love what I need from them.  To be able to tell them what I will and will not accept in a relationship. 

I've talked before about how in the last few years I have gone through a transformation not just with the end of my marriage but with the end of some of my longest friendships.  It has been a process for me to be able to be brave enough to stand up and say,"This behavior isn't allowed in my life anymore.  So either the behavior goes, or you go."  Ultimately the friendships went.  Understand I later learned that they didn't really classify as friendships to begin with.

It took me learning to have a lion's heart to be able to learn how to honestly love and to be loved.  I had to become brave enough to know that the people in my life that didn't deserve to be there needed to go.  And to know that once they were gone, I was going to be okay.  I've learned over the last few years that I am better than okay, I am ecstatic with my life and where it is today.  I started to notice early on that when I closed the door on one relationship, a new relationship would arise. The new relationship was always at the most perfect of times.  Even with this venture of starting my blog I have deepened ongoing relationships and I have met so many incredible people in the process.  My life is the richest it has ever been.  Because I am brave enough to stand with a lion's heart to the world I live in.

When we dare to love and live with a lion's heart we see life so differently.  It is almost as if the world has catered to exactly what we need it to be.  The reality is, it is our perception of everything that  has changed.  When we approach things with courage even the things we fear don't seem to appear as frightening.  We become rational in our way of thinking through obstacles.  We become unabashedly appreciative of all of the wonderful things in our life.  And although we are living in the moment, we are eager to see what amazing gifts our future has in store for us.

The gift of love is the greatest gift of all. There is really nothing to compare. Once you learn to love through bravery, life opens up in ways one would otherwise think unimaginable. If you could dream up a "perfect" life for yourself, believe it or not what life becomes through deeping courage is beyond that in spades. 

Now for some, expressing love to other's can be pretty easy so this assignment may be a cinch for you. Your struggle may be running out of people to express love to today.  But to others expressing love can be incredibly uncomfortable.  So if that is the case for you, let's try doing something completely out of your comfort zone today.  If you never express love to another, write someone a loving letter.  If you struggle with finding words to say to someone, I have three words that are a perfect expression of love.  In the geniously simplistic words of The Avett Brothers, I and LOVE and YOU pretty much cover any and all things that ever need to be said to anyone.  If you're feeling really brave today, give someone a hug.  You may be gritting your teeth through it, but believe me once you let yourself feel through the discomfort, you will feel an opening.  That opening is the bravest part of yourself, because you have dared to love.  You have dared to love with a lion's heart.

How can you lead with a lion's heart today?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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