Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our Highest Calling

Life is to be lived.  Life is to be breathed.
Life is to be loved. Though life should not be
taken so seriously that we aren't having fun.  But
serious enough to realize the preciousness
of each moment lived.

Have you ever experienced a life change that seemed to come out of nowhere?  A change that seemed to fall out of the sky.  It was almost as if it hit you square in the face to catch your attention.  To let you know that change is here, that it has arrived, ready or not, it has come.

When you first experience change, whether it be a new love, a career, a relocation, or the end of something, this change is either met with joy or fear or maybe even a little of both. Depending on the day, week or even hour we can play topsy turvy with those emotions.  When we meet a new love for instance it can be met with exuberant joy, yet depending on our past experiences sometimes we can let fear creep in a little...or a lot.  We can start to worry about whether this relationship is going to work out or what if I like the other person more than they like me?  Instead of letting the unfolding happen, the fear factor can creep in and sometimes if we let it in enough, it can ruin a good thing.

On the other hand, we could have a devastating change.  Take my divorce for instance.  I got married thinking I would have the career I always wanted, I would have children and a loving husband.  Well, I got the career, but life took a huge turn and I left my marriage because I knew the second half of that dream could never be fulfilled by staying.  This change met me with the most deepening hurt and emotional pain.  Yet now, after time, I have the exact life I always wanted.  I am the happiest I have ever been and I mean EVER!  I live life now to love life and every moment that comes my way.  And my career, well I actually have multiple careers all in helping others live their best life. It can't get any better than that...or can it?

It's interesting how good things can turn sour, and devastation can lead to exhilarating happiness. Beneath all of these things we have our highest calling waiting for us.  We will make many mistakes in life.  We are human.  The point of this life is to live the lessons brought forth.  Relish in those lessons and let them lead us to our destiny.  From pain we can derive joy.  From joy we can derive pain.  But it's all in how we look at things.  These changes are all momentary shifts in time. So be present in them because change will keep coming and coming again and again.  Life is the ultimate surprise.  After all, if we knew what change was to come around every corner, what fun would that be?  What lessons could be learned?  It is the element of surprise that reaches us to our core and brings significance to each and every moment.  When we cherish both the fun and hard times we come out with a greater knowing. A knowing that we are being lead to our best life ever. We understand that our highest calling is behind each change and each challenge that change will bring.

We may look at the fun times with a pessimistic heart and await the gloom and doom that may or may not follow.  We could also look at the hard times and think that we are being punished or that we did something "bad" to deserve what has occurred or that we are having a bout of bad luck.  I can say this, after my deep hurt and years of struggling with that exact attitude, I can wholeheartedly say that my divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me.  It was the awakening I needed to crack through my heavy heart and shed the brightest light on my soul.  My divorce taught me that if I ask for better and do better with what I know, I will receive better.  Now when times get hard, I still my mind and allow myself to ask, what is this moment teaching me?  When I get through this, what will I have learned about myself that I didn't know before?  No matter how much we have evolved in our lessons we will continue to be met with challenges and tough times. What changes is our attitudes towards those tough times.  We can navigate them knowing that something better is awaiting us on the other side.  And more than not, it is a bettered version of ourselves.

For me, I've learned to breathe deeply and take in the fun times because in one swift motion they can be gone.  And in the hard times, to just hold on knowing that life is about to reveal something big.  This is not the time to cower, this is the time to show courage and exude your bravery shield.  It could be the battle of a lifetime, but by the time it's over you will be stronger and life will reveal its grandeur like you never knew possible.

We never know which way the wind will take us, but if we have faith in knowing it is for the greater good of our highest calling, we never have to worry, we never have to fret. Because we know the ultimate goal is this ultimate life that was intended for us to live, to shine, and to ignite our spirit.  And for our hearts to be wide open to receive the messages that are the calling of our lifetime.

What changes have you experienced?  What did you learn about yourself that you never knew before?  Share with us! We would love to hear from you!!

As always with love,


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