Sunday, May 5, 2013

When we act with divine love,
the world becomes divine love to us
in return.

Happy Sunday Spirit Launchers!!

Every Sunday I will post a sneak peek of the upcoming week.  I am so excited to share with you the Spirit Launcher interviews I am working on.  These individuals are so inspirational!  Their projects, creativity, fearlessness, love and tenacity are contagious! When we live in spirit life becomes contagious!  Is there really any other way to live?

Each Monday you will get the opportunity to meet the Spirit Launcher of the week.  Their lives, stories and dreams will be shared in a way that will further launch your own spirit.  This Monday I will share my own Spirit Launcher story.  I am so blessed to have so many people opening their lives to me and the Spirit Launcher community.  So I wanted to do the same.  Tomorrow I will share with you my life, my story and my dreams.

Tuesdays will always be a reflection of the Spirit Launcher interview.  It's a way to delve deeper into the life concepts of the interview.  A way to use the inspiration of their story to create our own inspiration in our own lives.

Wednesdays will be a community meditation at 8pm eastern time.  The meditation will be posted that morning and as a community we will all come together through the heart of intention to create a loving energy transferred between and intertwining us all.

Thursdays will be a reflection of the meditation and how we can start living in a meditative state all day and everyday.

Fridays we will explore how we find strength in our everyday moments.  How do we keep pushing forward in each moment, no matter how difficult the challenge may be.

Saturdays will reflect on the lessons learned of the week.  What challenges did we face, how did we handle them and ultimately what did we learn about ourselves?

Sundays will be a simple breath of words to be still in.  Rest our hearts, rest our minds and prepare our spirit for the upcoming week.  Take the time to be present.  It is in the present that we learn to love, accept, and become aware of the preciousness of each moment.

I am so excited to share the ultimate beauty that is Spirit Launcher.  It is in the small shifts of each moment experienced that over time accumulate and open our hearts so that we learn to reach for greatness.

As always with love,


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