Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Power Course

Powerlessness is a lie told to our inner most self,
that will finish any and all opportunities
before they even begin.

To begin anything we need to know and understand our own inner powers.  Our power of word, our power of thought, and our power of action.  Losing a battle with powerlessness is the easiest way of letting go of our own purpose.  The very thing we were sent on this Earth to achieve. 

There are certain things that we can let go of that will increase our power.  Letting go of past hurt, past anger, and past fear.  Working through these things can increase our heart power thus catapulting us into seeking and fulfilling our life's love.  Letting go of our own power to appease fear, or possibly someone else's fear of our expansive powers will only set us into a tailspin of discontent and regret.

Giving up our power to someone else is one of the biggest tragedies in life. This is a disappearing act we perform on living.  We jump down the rabbit hole without hesitation, only to find out the worst case scenario is never getting out. We can so easily walk into a situation that may appear appealing in the beginning but veers off the road often times after we have our heart's invested. Then the sense of powerlessness kicks in and we dizzy ourselves with conflicting thoughts between the known and unknown.  We lose our sense of intuitiveness, or so we think.  We set boundaries for how we think others should live, and then we cross those very same boundaries to delve into something that peaks our curiosity but strips us of the very power that is deservingly our birthright.

So once we have given up our power, how do we get it back? By connecting.  In order to become powerless we have to voluntarily give up our power.  Even if at the time and during the process we didn't realize it was happening.  It is an emptying of sorts of our spiritual connectedness we have with ourselves and our loving source.  When we become disconnected we become confused and our inner compass never seems to settle on one sure fire direction.  So we become lost with where it is we are to be going and how exactly we are to get there.

If the answer is connection, how do we reconnect?  We reconnect through stillness.  We sit in stillness and talk to our inner most self which is ultimately connecting with our source.  By asking for help in making any decision if we sit in stillness long enough, the answer will come.  The answer funny enough will come in the source of power.  Truth be told we never completely give up our power, we just forget how it is that we use it.  When we reconnect, the circuit is no longer frayed, there is no bad connection or static fuzzing the message.  We hear loud and clear.  The next step is then taking action and trading old habits for new habits that expand our power not confine it.

The truth is, we have everything we need inside ourselves.  We often times look outside of ourselves if we feel something is missing in our life.  When the fact is, it has been inside us all along.  We just have to know how to reach it.  We must know that we are protected by universal code.  Universal code is our guide and if we work in harmony with it, we will be led expansively into infinite possibilities.  If we choose to go against it, we then have sticky feet that hold us down and create a sense of panic stricken confinement.

The beauty of knowing the power of power is being able to use our words, thoughts and actions to create a loving world.  One of support and encouragement.  A sense between hearts that we always have a shoulder to lean on, we always have a hand extended to help, and that we always have the power to truly hear another's heart beat. Taking the power course in life builds momentum together through a quantum shift, in order to achieve miraculous giving which ultimately leads to miraculous living.

How can you celebrate your inner power today?  Share with us! We would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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  1. Thanks for offering your shoulder, and extending your helping hand to the world! I too am dedicated to serving others, and love being a part of the positive shift. I appreciate you following me on twitter (Gr8fulGirl11), because it led me here. And now I get to enjoy this incredible journey with you! I'd love it if you stopped by my blog when you have the chance: Blessings to you and your mission to spread light and love! I look forward to reading more of your posts :o)
    With gratitude,

    1. Thank you Wendy for taking the time to leave your comment! It is nice to be connected with other light workers! I will definitely check out your blog!
      With love,