Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Stories We Tell

It is in clear skies.
It is in a light breeze.
It is in the rain, this treasure we seek.
It is on frozen ground.
It is in all things.
Unforgotten wealth that will forever be.
The stories we tell, live a life of their own.
They are the Universal heart
with a forever home.


It is in our actions, our words, our vibration and our spirit that we pass on to the world what is to be seen of us and our stories.  Our stories are written in every moment of every day.  These stories become the chapters of our greatest contribution to the world, our book of legacy.

It is in our relationship with our family, our friends, our co-workers and perfect strangers that we meet, that take us from page to page.  But it is in our relationship with ourselves, that leads us to the ultimate relationship with our Divine that reflects our beauty through rememberance as we enter into every new moment.  This process happens so quickly in life because the second hand keeps ticking.  It doesn't leave time to catch up.  The second hand remembers what has already happend and pushes us forward. It is that constant driving force that feeds us into what will happen in the next moment.

Have you thought about the legacy in life that you have already begun?  Have you thought about the legacy that you want for your life?  When it is all said and done and we return to our Divine, what is it that people will remember about us?  What was our truth that we revealed to the world?

I've talked in past articles about not rushing through life.  To be present and aware in each moment.  To live an enlightened everlasting love for life every day.  The stories we tell are in fact our everyday life.  It is what we see of the world and it is what the world sees of us.  We cannot go back and change the hands of time, but we can learn in the present in order to live a better life for tomorrow.

What do you see when you look into someone else's eyes?  What do you think they see as they look into your's?  Do you see love, compassion, acceptance and understanding?  Isn't that ultimately what we are all longing for?  We want to be accepted for the Divine creation we all are, and for exactly the way we are. When you walk into a room what is it that you offer?  What is your gift of contribution to that very space in that very moment?  When you walk out of that room, what is it about you that remains?

In our busy everyday life these are the questions we often times don't think about.  We are so consumed with our responsibilities and checking off our to do lists, that we forget what our actual stories are and even more fully what they could be and even more so what they are intended to be.

So think about this, what is it that at this very moment the world will remember you by?  Is it what you wish it to be?  If it isn't, it is only up to you to take action and change what is not into what has to be.  Our legacy will live on forever.  It is in the stories we tell through living our lives as intended, that we leave behind a Divine smile that will light up the entire world.

What is your legacy in life as of right now?  What do you want to add to your legacy?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

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