Thursday, May 9, 2013

Living In Full Motion

When life gets hard...meditate.
When life is good...meditate.
Then say thank you.

Accepting everything that comes our way in life can be quite difficult.  When times are hard it is easy to fall to the victim mentality of why me?  The answer to that is, because you are you. We each have different needs at different times. Your molding is different from everyone else. The difficult times in life don't come our way to punish us and hold us down.  They are here for us to simply realize our greatest of strength.  In actuality, they exist truly to lift us higher than ever before.  Look for the lessons, they are there waiting for you.

Everything comes to us in perfect timing.  We are given what we need exactly as we need it.  When I say life unfolds it truly unfolds, showing us the trail we leave behind, the existing moment in the now, and the great potentials that lay ahead.

Life is the constant unraveling of surprise.  We never know the exact direction that life will take us.  But we can live in faith everyday that our purpose will be served through our faithful actions.  When life gets tough it is so easy to think about giving up and throwing in the towel. Our hearts are more than just wisdom.  Look at the strength our hearts display every second of every day of our lives.  Each beat, constant, consistent, and loyal.  As we go through our day to day activities how many times do we say thank you, to the very mechanism in our body that keeps us alive? 

I thought that very question this morning as I was finishing my meditation session.  I was so in tune with my body I felt my heart beating as I was getting ready to open my eyes and close my session.  But I just sat, listened and felt my heart.  The rhythm never stopped.  I didn't have to ask it to keep going, it just did because it knows that is what it needs to do to fulfill its purpose.

So think about that when times get tough and you want to just stop. What if your heart decided to do that?  Life as you know it would be over.  Our hearts are dedicated to our lives, as so should we. When our hearts need to work harder they pump harder.  When our hearts need to slow down they slow down.  Whatever they need to do to optimize our existence they do. Shouldn't we have the same philosophy?  If we slow down enough in life and take a few seconds to just breathe, our hearts will whisper to us exactly what we need to hear.  If we owe our hearts our life, don't we owe life our hearts?

Show your brilliance.  Listen to those heartful whispers and live life in full motion.  Don't waste another second saying to yourself "I don't have time, I don't have the money, or I don't have what it takes". You know exactly what you need to be doing you just have to be living fully and take action.  Start small if you have to.  All things from the heart lead to greatness.

The purpose of Spirit Launcher is to help us all understand our purpose in life more fully.  To find what it is that we need to be doing and then let life make it happen.  What inspires me to live my best life now is hearing other people doing the same.  Starting next week I will be introducing a Spirit Launcher.  Someone who has created a career, hobby and life love from doing what makes their heart sing.  By listening to their heart and following their inner knowing and saying thank you to that very thing that allows them to be living their life in full motion.  What could you be doing right now to be living your life in full motion?

As always with love,

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