Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Wisdom of Our Heart

As I awake, I see the Sky as my ever expanding mind.
As I awake, I see the Sun as the light of my own heart.
As I awake, I see the Universe as my intricately woven body.
As I awake, I see myself in the mirror of my Divine.
As I awake, I realize I am no longer dreaming.
As I awake, I realize the greatest gift of all,
 to be alive.

Life is an unfolding event. We are each equally a participating part of this Universal experience we call life.  We each have talents that are ours and ours only.  They are our contributions to this Life, this Earth, this Universe.  Each of our parts add up to create a whole. Without our participation in this life our Universe isn't whole, it begins to have holes.

We are all here with purpose.  No one's purpose is greater than anyone else.  And that is the ultimate truth. To find our purpose we must go to the wisdom of our own heart.  Because when we go to this place, we reach the source of our becoming.   This is where our spirit resides.  We know exactly where we need to be.  Sometimes the difficult question is, how do we get there?  The road map to our destiny is not finite, rather it is infinite.  We all have a destination, our destiny. But being alive in life is the experience of living each moment to its nth degree.  We have to be all in, or we are not in it at all.

To be alive in life is to be of service.  Our talents are our service to the world.  Whether that talent becomes our career, or a hobby it is to not be held in silence.  It is to be shouted from mountain tops.

For me I am blessed enough to have multiple careers all in the area of service.  I own a skin care spa where I have a dedicated clientele.  I work as a nurse with Oncology patients.  And finally, I am the creator of this blog, Spirit Launcher.  I learned very early on in my career how important it was for me to make a difference in people's lives.  If that wasn't included in my daily life, life felt like a failure to me.  My clients have been a dedicated support to me as I have been to them.  My services are not just for relaxation, I have built lasting friendships of support with my clients.

Nursing to me is one of the most miraculous professions one can have.  I go into work everyday meeting perfect strangers that often times are in the fight of their lives.  Their health is compromised by illness or disease and in Oncology sometimes the end of life is staring them in the face.  This is a constant reminder to not take anything for granted.  Nothing should be put off for "someday" because life is happening right now. Tomorrow is not there for us to get started, it is there to be a continuation of what we start today.

This blog to me is what my book has become.  A launching pad for my heart.  To share everyday lessons about life, living and giving.  If we are hurting, reach our heart out to someone else who is hurting.  If we are joyful, reach our heart out to someone who needs joy.  If we are loving, reach our heart out to someone who needs love.  Through the wisdom of our own hearts the chain of love cannot be broken.  If there are no holes, no one can fall through the cracks.  If we are whole, we are together in the strength of a nation that can change the entire world.

Where do you find service in your life?  Is it your career, is it a hobby?  What does the wisdom of your heart say to you?  Share with us!  We would love to hear from you!

As always with love,

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