Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Life By Design: The Article

Life is as beautiful as you will allow it to be.
Life is the blossoming of a heart to be freed.
Life is an extending hand of lessons to learn.
Life by design is the one that we earn.


Yesterday I introduced a home designer by the name of Katie Hartzog.  She so graciously shared her story to the world.  Her story is a reminder that although we have talents and creativity, we come to a crossroads of either using those talents in some way shape or form, or letting them go to waste.  Does this step mean a change in career per say?  Not necessarily.  Next week I will introduce you to an amazing woman by the name of Ruth Macris who is a creative photographer yet only in her spare time.  Photography is a life love for her but her family always comes first.

Your love in life doesn't necessarily have to be a career or on route to become a full time career.  The point is to find time to do what you love as often as you can.  This abounds your spirit and puts an endless smile on the face of our Divine.  Share with the world however you can the very life that has been designed for you.

I am coming up on a transition of my own.  I am preparing to start yoga teacher training.  This has been a calling for me for quite sometime now. But the closer that it gets to truly begin, I am finding myself terrified.  Not of the classes themselves but the traveling that will be involved. 

Since my separation in my marriage I have been recreating my life.  While I was married, although we physically shared a house together, it was never a home.  I would find any and all reasons to not have to be at home because it was so miserable. But I have created in my new home a loving space.  The energy is so peaceful and calm.  It is my safe haven where after a long day of work I cannot wait to get home to unwind and relax.  So the thought of leaving this comfort zone and having to travel a considerable way is making me extremely uncomforable.  But with this intensity in emotion, I know I am on the brink of my next take off in life.

I have surpassed so many obstacles in my life especially through the last few years.  Being separated in my marriage, determined to finalize my divorce as quickly as possible and at the same time working two full time jobs and finishing my nursing degrees was an over abundance of challenges.  But I knew that with each step of the way, I was clearing my path for a better future.

Nothing in life comes fully to us without earning it.  Although it may seem sometimes that things come easier to other people, we come across the situations on our own journey that will create the life that has been designed especially for us.  I call it our preparation for greatness.  We need enough practice to build a confidence in what we have been sent to purposefully do in this life.  The preparation is where we learn discipline and through practice and determination we show ourselves and our Divine our absolute love for what we are doing.

I've had a lot of changes in the last year just in my nursing career.  Yet I knew I was shifting very quickly to accumulate the lessons I needed in order to be prepared for the job I have now.  Even though there were some disappointments with the other positions, the positive lessons outweighed the negative tenfold.  I am the nurse I am today and beyond that, the person I am today because of every one of those experiences.

We have to earn our way.  The best thing to do when you are at the beginning stages is to understand that you are preparing yourself for something spectacular.  The moment the Universe recognizes you are ready for the next step, a new bigger and brighter door will open.

We never have to worry about what it is that life wants from us.  We just need to listen to our hearts which is the gentle loving voice of our Divine telling us to follow the instructions given and we will be guided all along the way.

So as I prepare for my new journey I accept the challenges.  I know that I am being prepared for something bigger than my dreams can tell me right now.  But I know that my life, your life, and our lives have all been designed to ring loud, bestow life's fireworks with every foot step we take, and to bring forth the beautiful light that comes out the very moment we become fearless to shine.

What is the life that has been designed for you?  How have you started to live out this life?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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