Friday, May 3, 2013


Put a spotlight on your heart today
and let the entire world know how
brightly you shine.

I love the weekend! Not just because part of my work week is done. But because I can also look back at the week and review.  What have I experienced?  What have I learned?  How did I help?  Did I make a difference...with someone, something, somehow?  With the answers to these questions I can then examine how can I grow and become better?

By shining a spotlight on our hearts we can become honest with not just the world we call home, but with ourselves. Life is a lesson moment to moment.  I am always intrigued each morning when I wake up with what lessons I am going to come into contact with.  I've learned to look for the lessons in both fun and not so fun times.  They are always there waving their arms at us to grab our attention.  The question is, are we paying attention?

I've learned my intuition plays a big part in revealing my daily lessons. Throughout the last few years, I've reconnected with that inner knowing.  That funny feeling we get in our stomach when we know something and we're not quite sure how we know what we know but we KNOW that we know it.  We can either listen, or we can choose to ignore that feeling.  I know for myself when I have ignored my intuition I look back at the lesson and say to myself ,"I knew better!"  At that point it's about doing better the next time around. Because there will be a next time.  It may be a different place, different person, different circumstance bringing that lesson to you, but it will come around for you to remember to always do better.

This week my general lesson has been patience.  Being patient with my writing, with learning multiple facets of my nursing position and even waiting 45 minutes longer than I was supposed to while getting the oil changed in my car which caused me to be late to work.  Even writing these things out to see in print I realize wow, I've had a lot of opportunities to learn and grow this week and to let my spotlight shine.

Patience is a hard one for me.  I know when I need to focus on practicing patience because challenges will keep rearing their heads at me with back to back experiences. These experiences and the people in them are my teachers of patience. My future yoga instructor held a phone conference in which we did a group meditation.  She taught us the meditation and the meaning behind it. Which is to let the Universe handle our concerns. In that practice we will see, feel, and live the miracle of change in our lives. It is our job to continue the meditation for 40 days and document the changes we see in our life.  The change is in the perception of our experiences.  I saw immediate shifts and I am on day 14 and continue to be amazed and also comforted. This really became a test for me on Monday when I asked my nursing supervisor for one Friday off a month to start my yoga teacher training.  She had to say no because she felt the timing wasn't right for the office.  Although I was greatly disappointed I realized I will get there, now just must not be the time.  Without having that inner knowing that the Universe has it handled, I would have been devastated and asking why do things never go my way??  But I can sit back and concentrate on what opportunities are available to me now and live in the now.  When you're witnessing the unfolding of life you see its true beauty, always. 

So what did you experience this week?  What were your challenges and what were your triumphs? Review your week and then blog or tweet about it!! Share with our community!!! If you want to kick off a 40 day practice check out Gabrielle Bernstein's brilliant book May Cause Miracles.  It's the perfect guide to open your heart and let your inner spotlight shine like never before.

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