Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Beauty of Struggle

If we are taking steps toward our dream,
we are already walking in our dream.

I've talked a lot about going after our dreams in life. Whether it is career, personal or just for fun, being able to step beyond the fear of vulnerability and breathe, is key to not hesitating and just doing what it takes to fulfill that dream.  I haven't talked a lot about the beauty of the struggle however.  I don't know anyone, and I mean anyone, who is living a life of success and utter enjoyment by following their heart who has said, "Oh yeah, this process was a piece of cake!"

The beauty of the struggle is the tests and lessons that hide behind it.  Questions like how bad do I want to do what I love?  How great is my love for what I'm doing? What am I willing to sacrifice right now to make my dream a reality?  What we need to remember when we are in the midst of chasing a dream, is that actually we are already living it.  This is all part of the journey.  We realize that we are doing what we love for the love, not the accolades. Because at the end of the day it is the love that brings on the accolades.  And when the applause die down, all we are left with is the love for what we are doing.

Now don't get me wrong it is always nice to be given a compliment.  But with the compliments we have to take the negativity as well.  This again is all part of the process.  Although because the love we have for what we are doing is so personal, it is hard to separate our self from that "thing" that we love.  We have to realize that we are not defined by what we do.  That "thing" that we are doing isn't who we are.  It is what we love, but not a billboard advertisement for our defined self.  Remember that the negative comments although may be directed toward you, are not about you at all.  They are about the other person.  The other person could be scared of what you are saying to be true about them so they try to slander you.  Or just simply that the message of your dream isn't intended for them, so very simply, they just don't get it.  It is the other person that doesn't realize that everyones purpose is different and that not everyone has to be the same.  If someone is criticizing your dream, it more than likely is because they are not living their own.  Struggle exists when we are reaching success and it exists even after success has been reached. It is in those lessons we learn along the way that keep us going and inspire us to reach even further.

The struggle prepares us for both the hard times and the fun times if we are paying attention to the lessons as they come our way.  The struggles teach us to get right back up when we fall or get pushed down.  Dust ourselves off and proceed full speed ahead.  Think about what it was that brought you down and why.  Give yourself credit for having the strength and resiliency to get right back up again and push forward.  It is in those answers that the bigger meaning of the journey reside.  This is the beauty of struggle.

What have you come across that has been a struggle for you?  How did you get passed it? What did you learn from it?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!!!

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