Thursday, May 23, 2013

Starring Role

Our starring role is in every day,
every moment, every word spoken, every
thought thought, every breath breathed,
and every memory made.


As you may know from yesterday's article, I have had a copy cat on my hands. I had a lot of time to think about how it made me feel to see my own work used while someone else was taking credit for it.  Obviously, it was not a warm and fuzzy response.  It brought back a memory of the same type of situation that I had experienced years ago.  I was working for a well known cosmetic company and my supervisor asked for me to come up with events to help with sales for the month.  Well me getting into my creative zone, I didn't just come up with events for one month, I came up with events for twelve months.  Everyone told me to make sure my name was on the proposal and that upper management knew I had taken time off the clock to write them, but I didn't listen.  My response was, "What kind of a person would take credit for someone else's work?"  It was ludicrous to me to think someone could do that.  And then it happened.  Weeks later I found a faxed letter sent to corporate headquarters from my supervisor taking full credit for my work. The Universe was definitely on my side that day because I accidently stumbled onto the fax.  I immediately took it to my supervisor's supervisor and explained the situation.  Long story short, my supervisor was written up, given another chance but was never able to recover her reputation.  So she ultimately quit a few months later because no one respected her.  As the saying goes once a cheater always a cheater.  This was my first experience of dealing with a full blown cheater in life.

As I talked yesterday about how desperate people do very desperate things, this is a prime example. I had more cosmetic experience than my supervisor and I had higher sales at the end of each month. She definitely had pressure on her from upper management. Taking credit for my written work was her attempt to one up me, but ultimately where did it get her?  Further away from herself.  She buckled under the pressure and instead of accepting the situation and her role in it, she tried to force an outcome.  This never works.  When you butt heads with the Universe the Universe wins everytime and why you might ask?  Well because the Universe always knows best.

The Universe sends us continous signs throughout our lifetime.  We know when we feel good or bad about certain situations, when we feel comfortable around certain people or not, and we know without a doubt if we are living a joyful life or not.  These are all life's traffic lights telling us how to proceed.  We know when the Universe says green light it's a go. We also know when life turns to yellow and we need to proceed with caution. And we know when we are approaching or have come up on a red flashing light telling us, to stop and be still.  This is the point to where we realize we need a new direction.

My supervisor wasn't working in her field of passion.  She didn't enjoy cosmetics, as a matter of fact she didn't even wear cosmetics.  Yet cosmetics is still to this day one of my deepest loves.  How could she ever think she could compete with that?  That is just the thing, we know when we are working against ourselves in life. Nothing feels right and everything feels wrong.  So why force something that is not working?  Why not say, I tried it, it didn't work out, and I'm not going to waste a second more of my time doing something I don't love? Why not say, I'm going to find what it is that I truly love and do it to the best of my ability?  When you have this attitude you will never feel the need to become someone other than who you are.  You don't have to pretend to be great at something you don't love.  And you never have to take from someone else's work.  Because the moment you find what you love, nothing can hold you back.  You don't have to pretend because things just happen.  It's like magic. Your love is able to shine through.

What I learned from the copy cat issue is, even though my work is registered with a copyright, I didn't have it posted on my webpage.  I assumed as I did with my supervisor, that it was just known that this work was mine.  This experience was a very quick reminder that some people don't care how far off course they get.  When they want something they want it whether it is deserved to be their's or not.  They may promote themselves as being loving people, but if their inner struggles are greater than the love they have for themselves, those same inner struggles are going to be projected onto the world around them.  And it's all by their own doing.  Unfortunately, we can sometimes get tangled into their mess without even knowing it.

Watching someone struggle with not starring in their own lives is such a reminder to be always starring in our own.  Give back to the world that you love, the very world that supports you.  Be present and honest in everything that you do. When we are starring in our own lives, it is the people who are lurking in their own shadows, too afraid to come out into their own spotlight, that will try to rob us of our own.  If we stay true to ourselves, our light is then too powerful for them to steal.  Eventually, they will become blinded by our brightness and as much as they can see us, as long as they hide in their own darkness, they will never truly be seen.

Just know to always protect yourself and your work.  Your copyright is your signature on every piece. As I always say there is a lesson hidden behind everything.  For me, my lesson is to never leave a piece unsigned for the world to see.

As always with love,


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  1. Thanks again for sharing Jennifer! I too am a trusting person by nature, and I agree that you can still trust and see the good in others (even amidst their misguided actions), while being proactive in protecting yourself (and your work). I have a copyright claim at the bottom of my blog, but I think I need to go back and insert them individually on each post. Thanks again for shedding light on a dim situation.
    With love and gratitude,