Sunday, June 2, 2013

A New Constant

Constancy is the ever existance of
the beat of our own heart.
But when it stops to a new becoming,
 even in the echo of its own power,
our spirit never stands alone.


Constancy in an ever changing world can seem like an oxymoron at best.  Yet the habits that we create lead us to the habits that we live out day to day and in turn, lead to the kind of life we live day to day.   We all have habits, that is just the nature of our creation.  We can label them good or bad.  For instance you could say, "I have a really good habit of getting up in the morning and working out to start off my day."  Or you could say,"I have a really bad habit of biting my nails when I get nervous."  But let's talk about the habits that can lead to the type of existance we live. I'm not a huge fan of putting labels of "good" or "bad"on things. I still am working on getting out of that habit myself, so let's explore the effects our habits have on our day to day existance.

My old habits; waking up in the morning tired, focusing on what all I have to do and how much I don't want to do it, not working out consistently, not eating well consistently, not giving myself a break consistently, not looking for the bigger meaning in things, asking "why me?", making excuses for my actions or inaction, not saying "Thank You" for the lessons as they come, not recognizing opportunity for growth as it comes, playing victim, putting myself in positions to be a victim, knowing better and not doing better, and not saying "Thank You" for my life every day.  This is just a small list that I've been working on, but I think it gives you the idea. 

I don't mind calling myself out on my own stuff...ever.  It can sometimes surprise people who don't know me well, of how honest I can be about myself.  I think in all fairness we are all learning along the way so why not just call it all out there if it serves a purpose?  How can we change anything if we aren't addressing it and laying it out on the table.  It doesn't have to be for the whole world to see, however by doing that we let the whole world know we hold ourselves accountable for our own stuff.  And remember there is never a perfect science behind anything. We will try and fail an uncountable amount of times. The point is to try to learn from those fails and to be honest with ourselves throughout them.  If we are not being honest with ourselves down to our core, then what exactly are we doing?

Now that we recognize our habits as being non productive and in someways destructive, what do we do now?  I remember this point in my life as if it was yesterday.  I was sitting on my couch analyzing a certain situation.  It was a familiar scenario that kept playing over and over again in my life.  I asked myself, "Why does this keep happening?"  Then it hit me,  I've been doing the same kind of thing my whole life and I keep coming back to this place of disappointment each time.  What if I start doing the opposite of what I've been doing?  Wouldn't the outcome have to be different?  The answer, absolutely!

So now instead of waking up tired, I get enough sleep so I wake up not being tired in the morning.  I started to say "Thank you" for this new day and new opportunity on this Earth to continue to do the work I was sent here to do.  I started eating healthy, working out and meditating consistently.  I started looking for the lessons and saying "Thank You" to everything instead of asking, "why me?"  Now it wasn't easy in the begining to make this transition.  It was actually uncomfortable to say the least.  My mind was so set on my old habits that the newness of these actions made me at times want to crawl out of my own skin.  But as I continued to follow through with them, my life also started to follow through with new answers and different experiences.  This takes time but when we start building new constants in our lives, things change because we have changed.  The barriors we have formed with our old habits start to be chiseled away, and our truth begins to shine and be seen again.

When we introduce new constants in our lives, the old ones that no longer serve us fall away on their own.  We begin to realize we don't need to label experiences or people as good or bad because they are all here to show and teach us something.  Something about them, but ultimately something about ourselves as we are put in those situations. 

One of my favorite new constants is making a point in my day as I am walking or driving to look up at the sky and find the Sun. The beauty of this expanding perfect painting by our Divine that lives above us at all times literally takes my breath away everytime. It's never ending beauty, that if we don't make a habit of, we tend to forget it is there for us to love and appreciate.

If we can remember that it can be the constants of our ever changing world that keep us focused, grounded, thankful, and open to the new constants that are created from the old. We must make a conscious decision of what those constants will be in our lives.  We must be patient with ourselves as we make room for the new and brush away the old ones we have learned are no longer a necessary way of life. What we tell ourselves about our life is what we will live out in our life.  If we reach for a more purposeful habit today, greatness shall soon follow for tomorrow.   

What new constants can you create in your own life?  What old constants can fall away?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Beautifully said ... yet again! I believe my new constants are similar to yours, and renewing my appreciation for the things I've taken for granted, is at the top of my list. I've always been a grateful person in general, but I now realize that there's a difference in being grateful, and showing gratitude. Nowadays, I really make the effort to thank everything, everyone, and every circumstance. It's inspired me to reinvent myself, and rediscover my gorgeous island home. In the midst of all this conscious gratitude, I've noticed that a lot of my old constants are falling off organically: little complaints, self criticism, procrastination, etc. I love this new path I'm on, and absolutely love the beautiful souls surrounding me on this journey (like you). Thanks for another thoughtful post.

    Love and light,

    P.S. SO HAPPY to see a photo of you. Your outer beauty definitely reflects the radiance of your inner beauty. :)

  2. Thank you so much Wendy you are always so kind! I'm happy you are finding new constants in your own life to bring you joy! I can't wait to hear about your Maui adventures!!

    With love,