Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Heartstrings: The Article

Heartstrings connect us to
a deeper love, deeper sympathy,
deeper empathy.
Our greatest gift is to love,
and love always, 
with no strings attached.


What is the one thing that we all need to live, grow, expand and heighten?  The answer is very simply love.  Love is the most powerful thing in existence.  It can move mountains and it can break hearts.  And a heart can never break in the same place twice.  Yet we can always lean on and lean towards love, because love will change darkness to light in an instant.  Love can remove all barriers and barricades.  Love is the answer to any problem we face.  Think about it.  When you ask how can I make any situation better?  Love better.  How can I make a difference in life?  Love the difference.  It is the answer to any puzzle or any equation.  Very simply love.

What is one of the greatest ways to express love to another?  To be in service.  My heart song sings so loudly when I am in service.  It could be the littlest thing imaginable but to see a face light up, a voice quiver in gratitude, to receive a warm embrace as a thank you, it doesn't get any better.  This makes life worth living.

I have owned my skin care business for almost nine years.  This was really when my need for service was initiated.  Still to this day there is nothing better to hear then a client coming through my door for a treatment saying how much they have been looking forward to their appointment with me.  It warms my heart to no end. 

Nursing has taken service to an entirely different level for me.  When I began working as a nurse in hospice I would start my day by saying The Prayer of St. Francis.  This prayer still brings me to tears every time I say it.  It is the epitome statement of service.  I would then ask that I be of help to at least one person for that day.  Now I ask everyday, to be of help to as many people as I can for the day.  This is the one prayer that never goes unanswered.  This has been the prayer that keeps me present in each moment to look for ways I can help another.  The prayer can be as simple as just asking, "How can I help?"

I loved to feel the love back from all of my patients.  When I went to ICU to work it was a different experience.  My patient's often times were in coma's or sedated with medication because their situation was so grim.  I was still in service however, I felt different.  I didn't have the same feeling as I did when my patient's could have conversations with me.  I questioned if I was in the wrong area.  So I meditated on my concern and asked, "Am I in the right place?"  I then received the message to serve with what is.  I realized I was so used to being of service but having the instant gratification of a smile, hug or thank you from my patient's.  I realized that was the reason I felt somewhat lost in ICU, because I didn't know if my patient's even knew I was in the room with them.  This was the point that I learned to serve with no strings attached.  I didn't get a smile, hug, or a thank you, but I knew that the energy of my love was helping my patient's in whatever way was needed.  I realized I didn't need a reaction in order to feel I was making a difference.  Because no matter what, when you love you are making the biggest difference of all.

Nursing has allowed me to be open and to look for the lessons as they come my way.  Lessons of love are the most profound and will change you to your core in ways you could have never seen coming.  It is the foundation of life.  It is what we have come here to do, forever and always. 

Marianne Williamson in one of my all time favorite Super Soul Sundays, stated that we are to love and live on Earth as in Heaven.  That, opened my heart space even more.  I grew up saying that very line in prayer but as a child even into adulthood, it never made sense to me until Marianne explained it with her magnetic eloquence.  

To love, to really love is all that is necessary and all that is required of any one of us.  Love without question, love without judgement, love as if you are looking through the eyes of the Divine. Because for all intents and purposes we are.  We are representing the greatest example of love and that is the love in which we came from. To love Divinely, is our greatest assignment to fulfill and our biggest shoes to fill in this life. 

For me I didn't want to waste a lifetime being afraid to love.  I've lived that life and it isn't one for the taking.  When I asked for a new way of living, it took massive shifts within my own heart but I finally made it.  I survived the stumble.  Although it was a rocky road of sorts and sorting, I found my way back home of where I had always longed to be. And know from the depths of my heart, because I dare to love so greatly the seed of love is always within me growing and knowing to give more love. The more I give in love, the more love there will be. These are words to live by.

Where do you feel love the most?  Where do you give love the most?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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