Friday, June 7, 2013

The Plan

Plans are meant to be broken.
Never lock into any one thing.
Stay open and you shall receive.


As I shared yesterday, I have decided against doing my yoga teacher training right now.  I must say I slept like a baby last night.  Coming to peace with a decision no matter how difficult is an opening, it is a release within your soul.  That is what is funny about plans.  You make them and then they always change.

The lesson is to go with the flow and to be open to what is to come.  I have so many times pushed for what I thought should be the end result in a situation and I have pushed myself right into unnecessary pain, struggle, hardship and heart ache.  Learning to not only listen to my inner guide but to be guided by my inner guide, is one of the greatest gifts learned through my pain and heart ache.

What was interesting was I sent my instructor a heart felt explanation of why I was making my decision to postpone taking the course.  Even after explaining to her, she continued to try to push me to take the course now which was going in a direction my inner guide was telling me not to go in.  It's not that I am not meant to take the course, it is very simply that now is not the time.

This is what is so important and I want to stress this because it has taken my whole life of not listening to my inner guide and feeling and getting really lost in life in order to actually start listening.  We can flood ourselves with other people's opinions so easily and although they may be trying to lead us in one direction, we are the only ones who know what is right for us.  No one else has our answer.  I love Gabby Bernstein's reference to our inner guidance system.  Using our inner GPS to help guide us through life.  There really is no other way to travel through this life.  We have to be so careful with who we take advice from. 

My instructor for instance, was told the details of my work and its demands and my own every day responsibilities. I explained how this course would have been overwhelming and not enjoyable which essentially would have spoiled the entire experience.  What is the point in that? Even after explaining this my instructor continued to say, "Now is the time!" The fact is, the course will be offered again.  I'm not missing an opportunity by not taking this course now.  But in taking the course right now, I would be missing the opportunity to enjoy the life I have created for myself.  I haven't had a lot of time to just live and relish in this new life I have created.  So now is not the time for the course, now is the time to enjoy the details of my beautiful life as it is right now.

Interestingly enough, I got a phone call yesterday from Cancer Services which is an organization that offers support to cancer patients and survivors.  A dear client of mine who is a cancer survivor, who you all will be meeting very soon, gave this woman my phone number and I was asked if I would be interested in helping to fill in to teach yoga classes and potentially offer my esthetic services to their clients.  This is what I mean when I say make plans, but expect them to be broken.  This is life.  This is living.  Doors will open to new possibilities at any given moment while other doors may be closing.  You just have to be open and willing to receive.  The opportunities will come.  Remember yesterday how I mentioned the Universe knows when you are willing and offers you the perfect surprises when it knows you are able to acheive and receive?  This is what makes life spectacular.  The unexpected grace that surrounds you the very moment you surrender to being led, is the moment you surrender to living fully. 

Life goes by so fast.  Don't waste time trying to "stick to" a plan.  Just listen to that big little voice inside of you.  It has all of the answers and is willing to share them with you.  We just have to be still enough to receive the message and to be brave enough to know that we are safely held and guided by this beautiful Universe that is both inside and all around us. 

What plans can you surrender to in your life?  Now is the time!  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,

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