Friday, June 14, 2013

The Hands Of Grace

The hands of Grace 
cradle gently,
whisper softly,
give generously,
love unconditionaly,
and leads us with her loving light
all the way home.


When you look in the mirror what do you see?  Who is the person starring back at you?  Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself, at this very moment am I exactly as my Divine intended me to be?  I had a conversation recently with someone who looked me dead in the eyes and as serious as anything said, "People don't change.  It is impossible. They may act as if they have but deep down they will always stay the same."  Now this person was referring to someone who had deeply hurt them in the past.  And clearly that hurt has remained with them into the present and is on it's way to carry right along with them to their future.

So that got me to start thinking.  How could someone honestly feel that people don't change?  They were referring to someone who had done ongoing hurtful things who they felt could never change to do ongoing loving things.  That can lead to a completely different topic about unhealthy patterns.  This conversation for me however got me to start thinking about how we are creatures of change.  Just as we are creatures of habit we are constantly evolving.  The big question is, into what?  Who are we evolving to?

Think about this, who was it that we were born as?  You don't remember right?  We don't have vivid memories until we are walking, talking and exploring life.  So what exactly was our truth that we were born with?  Could it be possible that we have evolved through the years after being raised by our parents, exposed to society, exposed to abundant light and heavy darkness, that through these years growing up we evolved away from our very own original truth that is our original self?  Could our hard times, moments of confusion, moments of doing the wrong thing, moments of living in a state of emotional turmoil be our evolution going in the wrong direction?  And that wrong direction simply being the opposite way of our origin?

Clearly this is in the plan.  This is in the blue print of our destiny.  Is our life's journey about not discovering ourselves and who we could be, but to be discovering who our original self has been all along?  I've talked before about how through my own hardships I felt as if my heart was buried beneath both my pain and struggle.  That I had lost and forgotten who I was.  Through practice of deep meditation, yoga, reading and learning about the path of self discovery, I felt the heaviness lift in my heart and I began to breathe more deeply, live life more fully, speak more lovingly, think more thoughtfully, and act more gracefully.   The layers had to come off in order for me to do so.  

Could it be that we simply through being human forget the true honesty that lay in being guided by the hands of Grace?  That if we learn to let love and peace back into our heart's it has been Grace all along attempting to guide us back to our original self.  To guide us so lovingly back home.  Through the hands of Grace we are able to give our greatest gift to ourselves and to the world and that is to celebrate our truth and let it be known to every single cell of our own being and every single soul in the world.  We learn that evolving away from home isn't serving our purpose. When we begin to allow Grace to guide us back home it is because we have stopped changing away from who we were intended to be all along. 

To address the initial conversation that ignited my thought process that is this article, could we not heal our own heart's of being hurt by people in the past by realizing that these hurtful things they have said or done isn't because of us but because of them.  This person has hurt us because they have grown so far away from themselves that they don't remember that loving state of Grace and feeling of being held and protected.  That they feel exposed and flailing through life because they have simply forgotten what that is like to be held in love and are hurting so badly they cannot help but reflect that onto the world.  Doesn't that help to undo some of the shackles that we carry around with us when we've been hurt by others?  Why are we carrying around the other person's pain?  It is not for us to do.  All we can do is send that person as much love as we can. It does not mean that we accept unacceptable behavior and in some instances we must walk away from the relationship all together.  In walking away from that relationship we have to also let go of the other person's pain that they have burdened onto us.  We have to get back to that very state of Grace within ourselves.  But we must never forget to be full of grace to everyone who crosses our path in life.

The art of letting go is the art of being in love and in gratitude, living in and through joy and peace, which then leads us back home by the call of a gentle whisper and into the open arms of Grace that have been waiting so patiently for our return.

Where can you find Grace in your life?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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