Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Promise Of Purpose

To create is to love,
and to show the world
who you really are.


Since beginning this practice of awareness, I have rediscovered the world in a much different light.  Part of this discovery was influenced by my nephew who is only seven but one of the most intellegent people I know.  He doesn't miss a beat.  He notices everything and has a profound opinion on everything he sees.  He is fascinated with the solar system, dinosaurs, animals of all kinds and the why's and how's behind it all.  There is much to learn from a child's curiosity.  There is much to learn when as adults, we start to see the world with the newness of a child's eyes.

These are things for me in my busy world I had not thought about in decades.  The amazing beauty that is the everything of this world.  My journey of living my best life and being actively aware moment to moment was a definite struggle in the beginning.  To try to settle my mind enough to be in the now was such a challenge for me it often times just didn't happen.  I had deadlines, appointments, assignments and work that over took any beautiful awareness that was existing right in front of me.  I was careless in pretty much every moment for a long time.

During my awakening, that all began to change.  A huge part of my transition was in practicing meditation.  I would ask my Divine often times as I was starting a meditation session to help me see the world through his eyes.  That is when the world changed for me.  More so, it was my perception and presentation to the world that was changed.

I wrote in an article that I've made a daily practice of looking at the sky to find the sun every day.  This helps to center my mind and really appreciate the magnificence that lay above me.  Colors have become brighter and more prominent.  I have noticed the intricacies of so many things.  A flower up close and personal, watching birds and squirrels play in the trees outside of my windows.  There is this entire world going on every day and I've missed it for so long, until now.

To think of all that has been created is so stunning and awe inspiring.  Think about it.  Every detail that makes up this Universe is so unbelievable.  How did it all get here?  How did it become what it is?  How long has it all been here?  These questions are the very questions my nephew asks all of the time.  He wants answers to all of the big big questions.  And now so do I.

The spiritual journey I've begun trekking, has not only answered so many questions for me, but I have started to ask just as many new questions in which I don't have answers to just yet, but I am basking in the search and the wonder.  I want to know the why's and how's because I don't want to miss out on anything.  I want to honor my purpose in this life of being a continuum of the great Creator that has brought me here.

I had the pleasure of being able to thank the very person that was my inspiration for Spirit Launcher just the other day. After trying to mesh schedules she and I finally had time to sit down and talk.  Her story is incredible and the absolute reason this blog was even started. She had a vision, she created it, and it grew beyond her wildest expectations.  I cannot wait to introduce her and her inspiring story to you all.  Creation is what makes it all worth while.  It is what we are supposed to do.  To honor our truth, our wisdom and our promise of purpose to our Creator.  If he can create all that has been created, surely we can come through with our end of the deal.  Surely we can ignite that spark and celebrate who we are and what it is we have to offer ourselves and the world.  The world deserves our creative capacity.  The world is not complete and at its greatest design without everyone's creative participation.

How do you participate in your promise of purpose to the world?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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