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Be At Peace: The Article

Be at peace and know
you are held safely in the hands of Grace.


Something that is a bit troubling that people talk to me about quite frequently is how their life most of the time feels as if it is run by a hurricane.  They are moving at such a pace that they feel like life is a massive storm that they are trying to completely avoid or not get sucked into and lost.  They feel tired and out of sorts instead of excited to be living.

Often times when I ask someone how they are doing they begin to list off all that is wrong in their life.  What is horrible about their home life, work, money and really anything you could imagine could be wrong to them seemingly is.  And I empathize with them.  I lived that life for a very long time.  Too long actually.  When you really think about it a minute of that type of living is way too long. And the very elements missing from their life formula is gratitude which leads always to peace.

When I moved into my very small apartment after leaving my marriage I remember a sense of calm and quiet that came over me.  The silence could have been deafening.  However, it was the first sound of peace I had experienced in years.  There was no more turmoil, no more pain, no more tears. In that exact moment, there was just silence.  It was the first time I could feel what peace felt like.  This is not only the greatest gift you can give to yourself, but to be a walking example and an addition to for the world you live in.  I have said this before and I think it is worth repeating, that your external world is a direct reflection of your internal world.  If your internal world is a hot mess of chaos, chances are that your outside world is going to reflect just that.  So how do we turn it around?

What I have learned especially the day that I was reintroduced to the sensation of peace is to be full of gratitude.  If everything in your world is crashing down say thank you.  If you feel like life has beaten you down to the point that you question, "can I get back up again?" that is the exact time that you say very simply thank you.  It is in our rockiest moments that our faith and gratitude are being tested.  Don't participate in a sob session for yourself.  But also don't not feel in that moment either.  Feel the emotion completely through and then look for the lesson.  What has this experience taught me? And then how can I look for peace as being the end result of this lesson?  Because when you are grateful for all, peace will always be the end all of everything.

You might be saying that is much easier said then done and in the beginning it is.  It's hard to look up when everything seems to look down in the moment, but as with anything practice.  Just practice a new way of thinking and then acting and before you know it the world begins to look better every step of the way.  Life becomes richer and more brilliant every day.  Gratitude brings peace and ultimately peace brings grace that will wrap its arms around us so tightly we never have to question why, because we understand the very thing that is.

How do you show gratitude, peace and grace in your life?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

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