Sunday, June 9, 2013

Living Bold

Boldness is an innate skill that
we can learn to shy away from.  We must
become reacquainted with what is
our running force of will and guiding light in
order to live the biggest boldest life imaginable.


I talked yesterday about the act of living big.  Being able to have an idea as a spark and then put that idea into action in which it becomes the flame.  Living bold is living big's partner in life.  They go together.  One does not work without the other.  It is a joint effort to our active creation in this life.

We must be bold enough to both give and also to receive.  We can plan day and night but as I've talked about before those plans are never set in stone.  The Universe's plan for us however, is all part of our purpose and what we have been sent here to share with the world and the lessons and experiences in which we receive along the way.  Through boldness we realize that when we ask for what we need for the greater good the Universe will always answer our prayers. When we shy away from asking what we need, our heart begins to suffer.  There is a longing within each of our heart's to fulfill our purpose and give gratitude for all that life offers us. So if we are not asking for what we need to fulfill those things, our drive to activily contribute to the world begins to shrink.  Then our spirit starts to follow right along with it.

Our journey of purpose starts with a spark or an idea.  It is our boldness that we use to follow through and put that purpose into action and share it with the world.  After our follow through in action we ultimately enter into living the biggest and boldest life imaginable.  The longing for life is quenched and we begin to start realizing a pattern.  It is when we live to give to the world that doors open, ideas happen, and opportunities arise that we never saw coming.

The end of my marriage for example was actually the beginning of my living with purpose and gratitude. It didn't happen over night.  It was developing new constants along the way that began to play a role in creating a new way of living and then a new expectancy out of myself and what my life could be.  The thought of leaving my marriage was just an idea.  It was the longing within me to want to live big that got me not only to start thinking about leaving but to actually form a plan to leave.  It was my boldness that actually made that spark into a flame and got me to follow through and take action.  There were no guarantees of what kind of life I was going to have post marriage.  But there was a guiding light within me that knew if I got rid of old patterns and created more purposeful patterns I could then start to live a life that at that point I could only dream to be possible. It was purely up to me what life was going to be from that point on.  It was up to me being bold enough to make that dream into a reality.  It took years to do but I can say I wouldn't have changed any of the experiences or lessons for anything.  I am who and where I am today because of every second of every experience I have had.  I learned how to live by learning and experiencing how not to live.  It is sometimes those hard knock lessons that stick the most and become constant reminders of what not to go back to.

The truth is we can't acheive anything without the element of boldness. We can have the greatest of ideas but until we jump in fully and share them we will never know the magnitude our assignments can have on ourselves, each other and on the world.  In reacting to our guiding light we become a guiding light to others.  This is our pattern of connection that even if forgotten we can be reminded to spark our own flames and then each other's. The world then shines brighter with every spark to flame, that of which was intended all along. 

How can you live boldly today?  Share with us we would love to hear from you!

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