Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Find Your Joy: The Article

Joy is not a mystery.
Joy is not a puzzle.
Joy is the essence of life that
is eagerly awaiting the ride.


Yesterday I introduced to you a wonderful woman by the name of Ruth Macris.  She defines herself as a wife, mom, and photographer.  One of her last statements in the interview was, "I'm just a mom who loves photos and who has been told she has some talent and is using it to make myself and other people happy."  So simply put.

So very simply, what is in your life that brings you joy?  What gets you excited and up in the morning like every day is a holiday?  What do you celebrate in your every day?  I know in my life part of my joy has become to live within the moment.  I always have so much going on that it can be so easy to focus on what is to be instead of what is.  Although planning is great and has to happen or not much would happen, it is not the end all.  There is so much going on in the now that if you don't take time out to see it, you miss its wonder.  The wonder of where did all of this come from and how is this all happening all at once.

I start my yoga teacher training this weekend.  This has been my joy for the last four years.  The thought of being able to do what I love for a full weekend once a month makes me absolutely giddy.  I am so excited to learn more about this love of mine, to learn more about myself and living life through this process and as well to meet all of the new people who will be in my life for the next eight months.

I thought about this today for the first time since I've been planning on taking this course.  Life in the past has brought me so many opportunities.  Opportunities to grow and expand beyond my comfort zone.  I was offered the chance to move out west to pursue my esthetics career and I got scared, so I didn't.  I wanted to move out to Arizona, just to move out to Arizona and I got scared, so I didn't.  I wanted to move to New York or L.A. to become a celebrity make up artist and I got scared, so I didn't.  This is the first time that I have actually planned to do something and yes I am scared as I've mentioned before of being away from home but this time, I am doing it.  Just typing these very words has brought me to tears because for the first time, I am actually following through for me.  I'm not stopping because of me or anybody else.  I keep going and growing and expanding.  I have astonished myself in this last year with all that I have accomplished.  All that I have learned from my own life and now all that I am sharing of my own life.

This last year has been such an incredible transformation for me because I have found my joy and I am basking in it.  This isn't a phase, this isn't a last minute change of heart, this is me...living.  Living the most honest life I have ever led. This is me being me and not afraid to shine my light on to the world.  I am joining in the game not shying away from it.  I can fully tell you it is much more fun actually being all in as opposed to half in or too afraid to be in at all.

Through joy I have learned that life is an everyday and every moment miracle.  The growing of my heart and myself has taught me the vastness that lies within me.  I have had all of the tools and characteristics I have ever needed.  I just needed to know how it is that I can use them to my greatest of abilities and then share them with the world.

I cannot wait to see myself through this yoga course get scared, get embarrassed at trying something new, get uncomfortable as I stretch far far away from my comfort zone, and to fall many times.  Only to brush myself off and to get back up again, because just as in life it is the joy that is guiding me and supplying me with the love that I need to shine through anything that is thrown my way.  Life will always be a challenge. Yet the challenge in life is to always be able to find its beauty and to find the joy.

I am not hiding anymore.  Life is brighter, more colorful, more lovely, and more joyous than I could have ever dreamed it to be.  Joy does this.  Because joy is love and love is joy.  So get entangled in the richness that is living.  It has been here waiting for you all along.

Where can you find your joy today?  Within that joy what does it teach you about yourself?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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