Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Full Of Heart Meditation

Welcome back Spirit Launcher's to another Wednesday community meditation.  This is where we gather together to spread light and love to one another.  As we go through life we will have our ups and downs but no matter what, if we are full of heart, we know the outcome of any circumstance will be to our benefit.  If you need lifted in spirit this is the place to be.  So let our loving energies get to work. 

As always I suggest reading through the meditation a few times before we begin.  We will meet together at 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific time.  But remember these meditations can be practiced at any time of the day as often as is needed.  The idea of community meditation is to experience the power of our energies as we come together both near and far across the globe.  This is where we join together to be as one. Sit in a comfortable crossed legged position, close your eyes and rest your hands on your knees palms facing up in order to receive.

Full Of Heart Meditation
by Jennifer Fremion

As we begin, take a long enriching breath in through your nose and release. 
Repeat this breath three times.

Say in your mind,
"I am full of heart, and my heart is full of thee."
"I am full of heart, all burdens I no longer keep."
"I am full of heart, therefore my heart is free."
"I am full of heart, nothing but love will I breathe."

Continue to repeat this as you focus on your mind's eye for
at least 3 minutes.
Feel with each cycle of these words your heart fill
with love and admiration for both life and the world we live in.
Feel the release of all stress and worry.
You are perfect within this heart space.
Sit in silence after 3 minutes of repetition.
Let your heart whisper what it is you need to hear.
Sit in stillness.
Let it be just you and your heart.
Let life be just as it is in this moment.

Sit in stillness as long as you need.


As always with love,

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©2013. Jennifer Fremion. All rights reserved.

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