Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Forgotten Self

We never forget the longing we
have for our Creator.
We come back to our Creator as
we walk the path of our forgotten self.


We hear mentioned in books, magazines, movies and religion about "The Path of Life".  So what exactly does that mean?  We can hear the path of self discovery, the path of least resistance, the path less followed, so where exactly do all of these paths lead us to?  And which one are we supposed to take in the first place?

Yesterday I talked about a different version of self discovery.  Different from what I had formerly thought that phrase could possibly mean.  I thought as many others have, after hearing amazing thought provoking feedback from my readers, that as we go through life we accumulate experiences that add up to create a fabulous life at the end of the yellow brick road.  However couldn't the path in life quite possibly be the path of our forgotten self?

I've continued to think about this topic because it has gotten me to think outside of the box that society had created for me in my thinking.  I also used to think our Creator was a giant Zeus-like dictator in the sky who was ready to strike and punish me for any and every wrong move I made.  Thankfully I came across the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer who I have mentioned quite frequently in my writing who led me down a different path of thinking and understanding that we are not separate from our Creator. That we are in fact one with our Creator.  Dr. Dyer uses a wonderful explanation of this theory. If we take a cup of water from the ocean, is it not still the ocean?  It is just a smaller version of the ocean yet it is still full of the very characteristics that it originated from.  That right there, changed my life because it changed my understanding and ultimately the way I thought about pretty much everything.

So back to our fogotten self.  That resonates so deeply with me because most of my life I felt as if something was missing.  I felt lost a lot of the time.  It seemed almost as if the more I tried to find what was missing the more lost and confused I became.  What I didn't realize and what my great life teachers have taught me and what the practice of yoga and meditation has taught me, is everything we need is already inside of us.  We have all of the love, all of the patience, kindness, peace, joy, and knowledge to get us through this life.  So how do we become so lost in life?  Well as I discussed yesterday, through life we forget.  We forget where it is that we come from and a lot of times we even forget how it is we have gotten so far away from it in the first place.  The one key factor is awareness.  Awareness of our thoughts, actions, intentions and our purpose.  We let life happen to us and along the way we forget our natural origin. We forget our original self. 

So could it be that the path of life is ultimately the path of our forgotten self?  As I was straightening out a lifetime of bad decisions, not listening to my inner guide, not listening to life talking to me every step of the way, I didn't feel like I was becoming a different person.  I felt like I was dropping a lifetime of heartache and false perceptions.  I felt like a weighted lie had been lifted that held me stagnant for the greater part of my life.  I began to welcome challenges.  I began to get comfortable in the thought of becoming uncomfortable because I knew it was all a part of my preparation for greatness.  So in "finding ourselves" in life could it be that it is just a matter of returning to our original self?  The very self that we bury deep because other people want us to be something different than who we naturally are and then we become lost in living because we know we should be something different than what the world has created us to be.  But we forget that the path in finding our origin isn't outside of us, that it is in fact a path walked within ourselves.

We can spend years spinning, fretting and fearing that we are lost and have gone too far off the path.  But if we realize that this journey is internal and that our return to self is also a return to our Creator, we can never be too far off track to return back home.  When we take our blinders off, it is our original self that has been waiting to be introduced to us and to this world all along.

What path do you travel in this life?  Have you traveled back to your original self or has your journey just begun?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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  1. I'm finally able to say, wholeheartedly, that I'm back on the path to reconnecting with my true, original self. My journey is just beginning, and I'm so excited to see where this road takes me. Wherever it is, I trust that I'll be Divinely guided every step of the way. Thanks for heightening our awareness, and sharing your profound wisdom, Jennifer! Hugs, Wendy

  2. Thank you for commenting Wendy! Your words are always so kind!

    With love,