Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Be At Peace Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  We have all come together yet again for our mid week meditation.  This week we will focus on bringing peace.  Peace to ourselves, to others and to the world.  This group meditation will send loving notes out into our Universal home.  So let us join together tonight at 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific time.  I always recommend reading through this meditation a few times before we meet.

Please sit on the floor in a comfortable cross legged position.  Close your eyes and bring your hands in front of your chest in prayer position.  Sit in silence and just feel the stillness within your body for a moment.  Let's begin.

Be At Peace Meditation
Created by
Jennifer Fremion

Let's start our practice by focusing on our mind's eye.  Take a long deep breath in
through your nose, hold at the top for 10 seconds and then release.
Take another long deep breath in through your nose, hold at the top for 15 seconds
and then release.  Take one last long deep breath in through your nose, hold
for 18 seconds. Feel your lungs expanding with fresh vibrant air, and then release.
Feel your body settle in this new light.
Take another deep breath in and hold at the top.
As you release chant the word, Om.  This word is extended with a long "M."
Feel as you chant mouth closed on the "M", the vibration throughout your throat and chest.
This is awakening your body.
Repeat this two more times.
Now just sit in silence and breathe peacefully.  Don't think about anything
but the silence within yourself.
You are at peace.
You are at one.
You are home.

Sit in stillness as long as you wish.


As always with love,

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