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Share Your Passion: The Interview

For Spirit Launcher interviews I want to explore the vast array of different fields in which people are working in and are being created and expanded upon.  There truly is no limit to what we can create if we are determined to follow through with the seed of an idea that has been implanted in our mind. The purpose of these interviews is to read about someone who has followed through with their idea and created a success with what they sought out to do. This is the very thing Mike Honcho has done in creating his fantasy sports website  Mike noticed a void in the online field and wanted to create a place for participants to go and get accurate and helpful advice while constructing their own fantasy teams.
For those of you who don’t know, fantasy sports is a game where participants act as owners to build a team to compete against other fantasy owners based on the statistics generated by the real individuals or teams of real professional sports.  Just like in real sports, fantasy owners have the ability to cut, trade and sign players throughout the season.  Essentially playing this game becomes a sort of art form.  The more inside information and better information you have, the more successful your teams can become and the more successful you become as the owner of those teams.
“My interest in fantasy sports stems from my passion and interest in all sports in general.  You can use your knowledge of whichever sport you choose and match up against other people who share the same level of interest in the sports," states Mike.   “I had no web design experience whatsoever.  I just purchased the necessary programs and gathered as much information as possible and kind of stumbled through the process.  I still learn and figure out new things everyday when it comes to website design and building.”
When asked where the idea of RotoFanatics spawned from Mike answered, “The idea came to life after I made a decision that the information and advice that some of the other experts were offering was incomplete or not accurate enough for my liking.  I felt that I could add my opinion and knowledge into the mix and help not only myself, but hopefully many people like myself who are navigating through the copious amounts of sports information at their disposal in order to help them become successful.”
Mike’s initial goal with RotoFanatics was to connect with other sports fans and fantasy sports participants and help them be as successful as they could be with his help and advice.  “Every day I answer questions and people seek my opinion on different decisions that may affect their fantasy teams.  That is why I got into this business.  It’s what drives me to succeed and be one of the better experts in the industry. “
In the future Mike would love to introduce podcasts to fans, create a radio show or segment on Sirius XM’s fantasy sports channel.  “The most important aspect to RotoFanatics is I want people to form the opinion and believe that RotoFanatics is one of the best fantasy sports consultants in the industry.  We love to help people and we don’t charge for premium content, we’re simply here to help you win your league!”
What advice do you have for anyone wanting to start an online business venture?
“My advice is to love what you do, be passionate about what you are doing and talking about and most importantly be patient.  There is no set amount of time for being successful.  If you remain persistent and believe in what you are doing, the results will come.”
Where do you think your success so far has come from?
“My success, if you want to call it that, has come from my love of sports and gathering information on the topic and presenting it in a way that all readers can understand and decipher in whatever way they choose. When someone sends an email to me or sends a message on Twitter or Facebook that explains how they were able to win their match up that week because of my advice or something I wrote, that really inspires me.  It reaffirms that I am on the right track and headed for continued success in the future.  Connecting with people and helping them with their fantasy sports hobby is what RotoFanatics is all about.”
Thank you Mike for sharing your life passion of RotoFanatics with us.  Your story is inspiring and exactly what Spirit Launcher stands for.  We look forward to hearing more from you in the future! To check out Rotofanatics in the now go to

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