Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reinventing Home: The Article

Home is where the soul
can lay its head.


Yesterday we met Wendy Omuro and discovered both her reinvention of her home Maui and her reconnection with herself.  So under that very theme I made a very bold decision this weekend to begin to fully embrace the yogi lifestyle and explore more of the home within myself.  I meditate, practice yoga and eat fairly healthy most of the time.  But I felt a strong need to explore and challenge myself in my practices even more.  So I have begun a forty day journey into delving deeper into my soul to find what beauty awaits to be discovered.  To delve deeper within the home of my soul, my self.

As an Oncology nurse I am surrounded by sickness every day.  I see what this horrible disease can do as it rampages through someones body.  Through this disease I have also seen the grace and beauty of the spirit as it never fades completely no matter how weak, frail and sick the spirit's home can be. As powerful as the spirit is, it is limited when its home is compromised.  Seeing this everyday and then my friend getting news of her father's diagnosis of having metastatic cancer, I started thinking about my own spirit's home.  At this point I am the absolute healthiest I have been in my life.  But, I want to do as much as possible preventatively.  That is what my love with yoga and meditation is.  And although this practice is not a cure all, what it does do is creates a union of the body's elements and cleanses the soul, mind and body.  At this point in my practice, I have made a decision to amp it up and take it not just to the next level, but to the highest level that can possibly exist.

I was thinking about how much of spirit I feel especially when I am practicing meditation.  I know that my body is just a vehicle, a machine if you will.  But it is also home to my spirit.  It is what houses the very thing that makes me alive.  So this weekend was the beginning of reinventing my spirit's home.  Home isn't just a place that is a produced structure. A home is full of love.  I feel so full of love everyday of my life so I want my entire body to emanate what my heart feels.

I started a very strick meditation regimen of an early morning meditation for thirty minutes before work and then an hour long workout followed by another challenging meditation before bed.  Also I have made a total alteration with my diet.  I have started to follow a plant based diet that is instructed and recommended in all of my yogic practice materials.  This means absolutely no meat for the next forty days. What is the significance of forty days?  Forty days signifies a new habit being born.  Practice anything for forty days and it will become a part of you. 

Within the first meditation I felt different.  My mind felt lighter.  After feeding my body with nothing but foods that have bathed and grown in sunlight my body felt lighter.  When I began to workout I felt I had more energy, flexibility and patience within each movement.  By the time I finished my evening meditation, I felt more intune with my entire being.  These results, and mind you I am only on day four, have just magnified.  I am so curious to see where I will be at the end of my forty day journey. 

This is what is so brilliant about the teamwork that is our mind, body and spirit.  When we feed them with what they need, they become up for any challenge.  I actually wanted to create an intensive discipline for myself.  This is exactly what my spirit was asking for. I want to dig deep within the challenge and see what more I can find within myself.  

Yesterday morning I experienced a totally different kind of love.  My heart was so full I actually at one point felt weightless.  I have felt love so deeply within my practices in general but nothing like this.  I felt so full of spirit that it was apparent to me that my inner light was shining at its absolute brightest.  This was such a miraculous experience I can hardly wait to see what this morning brings!

And don't get me wrong, the practices are not all that is part of the yogi lifestyle.  I've talked about this in practically every article I have written.  Meditation, yoga and eating are just that, they are practices.  It wasn't until I started using these skills in my everyday life and actions that they became transforming.  I practice giving, gratitude, patience, and the source of everything which is love, in everything that I do.  The miraculousness of yesterday was that not only did I feel a difference in myself, I felt the true difference my energy was bringing to the table with everyone I was around.  The atmosphere everywhere I went was light, loving and friendly.  Smiles to and from total strangers, people not cutting me off in line but allowing me to go ahead of them, people holding doors open for me.  Now would this all have happened yesterday regardless of my new practice, possibly.  But would I have noticed and felt the profound love as deeply?

I am reading Marianne Williamson's book, The Gift of Change.  In the beginning chapter she talks about how we are all spiritual people.  That is who we are by nature.  Yet we can so easily forget those qualities within ourselves because of lack of discipline.  We don't practice the gifts of gratitude, patience and love as we should.  And that by us practicing these simple virtues, not only can we have a miracle within ourselves due to an abundant change in perception, but we ultimately could change the world we live in just by extending our loving vibration.  That is my goal with furthering my practices is to increase and extend from my body, mind and spirit's loving vibration to the world.

Any time I start a new shift in practice I begin a daily journal of the adventure.  This way I have a day by day account of the miracles taking place within my mind, body, and spirit.  We spend so much time and money taking care of the homes we live in.  Don't we owe it to our spiritual home to do the same?  To spruce it up and make it even better than we could have expected.  To do a little bit of reconstruction one day at a time.  Reinvent our home to what it is meant to be.  Instead of becoming confined within four walls, why not allow our spirits to expand to our infinite selves?  Why not allow the mystery that lay behind a reinvention come out of hiding to show us truly what we are made of?

What can you do to reinvent your spirit's home?  Share with us, we would love to hear from you.

As always with love,


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