Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Five Point Meditation

Happy Wednesday Spirit Launchers!  Welcome back to our midweek meditation.  I so look forward every week to joining our spirits together in this loving community.  I have a very special meditation for you this week that I have not experienced anything like before.  We will join tonight at our usual time 8pm Eastern and 5pm Pacific time.  We will all be as one connected by our energy.

This meditation is a balancing of the mind, body and soul.  It will take us through an internal and eternal  journey to discover all that we are made of.  We will work on our strengths and our weaknesses to come to a point of balance and then rejuvenation as we begin our take off as we meet our challenges in life.

Please sit in a comfortable crossed legged position.  Close your eyes as we begin.  As always I suggest reading through the meditation a few times before we meet at our designated time.

The Five Point Meditation
by Jennifer Fremion

Press your hands together in front of your heart space in prayer position.
Take a few deep breaths in and out.
Slowly bring your hands upward, still in prayer position with your thumbs at your brow point.
Hold your hands at your brow point and now spread your fingers as wide
apart as is comfortable.
Each finger represents an element that makes up a part of ourselves.
The thumbs represent love.
The second fingers represent infinity.
The third fingers represent spirit.
The fourth fingers represent fear.
The fifth fingers represent Ego.

Notice how our spirit is in the middle of the opposing emotions.
We will concentrate for one minute on each represented version of one's self.
Close the hands in an intertwined fist with the thumbs remaining at the brow point
and are the only fingers remaining pointed to the sky.
Begin the breath of fire, breathing equal breaths in and out very quickly
as you pump the stomach with each breath.
Say the words, "I am love" and repeat in your mind for one full minute.
After completion of one minute, cross your thumbs and bring your second fingers pointing
straight up in the air.  Take long deep breaths in and out.
Focus saying in your mind for one minute, "I am infinity."
After one minute fold fingers down and continue with pointing the third fingers up.
Begin the breath of fire again and repeat, "I am of grateful spirit" for one full minute.
After completion, fold fingers and raise the fourth fingers up.
Take long deep breaths in and repeat, "I am not my fear" for one minute.
Change to the the fifth and final fingers.  Begin breath of fire one last time
and repeat in your mind, "I am not my Ego."  Repeat for one full minute.
After completion take long deep breaths in and out.
Rest your hands in your lap.

Feel the changes within your body.  This is a difficult and highly involved
meditation.  It will take practice to become comfortable within all of the
transitions.  With practice not only will the meditation become more comfortable, but life
will become more comfortable as we transition from moment to moment,
day to day, and from challenge to challenge.  If you wish, practice this meditation
everyday for forty days.  Keep a journal of the
changes you not only feel within yourself, but the changes you experience
within the world. 


As always with love,


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