Thursday, June 20, 2013

Full Of Heart

When we are full of heart
we grow wings to fly.
Our imagination becomes reality.
Our dreams come to life.


My wish for everyone is to be able to explore the part of yourself that makes you become childlike again.  It may be buried deep among all the adultlike masquerades we have led in this life but believe me, it is there.  So what is it within you that brings you to life?

For me it is many things.  That is what I find fascinating about filling your heart full.  If you have one thing that makes you fall in love over and over again and you start to use it in your daily life, that one thing inevitably turns into two things, then three, and so on. In actuality your heart never becomes completely full.  It just begins to grow bigger and bigger in order to compensate for all of the love.  It's a really miraculous thing that happens.

When people ask me what I love to do in my spare time I start to laugh, because I don't really have a lot of spare time. But what I do full time is fill my heart.  I have been truly blessed with spectacular family and friends and careers that I love.  From nursing to skin care to writing and eventually teaching yoga and meditation.  All of these things take up so much of my time that spare time, really doesn't exist.  In my quiet time I am usually reading which inspires me to take better care of my body through my yoga practice which in turn inspires me to start writing, which in turn puts me in a state of pure bliss.

Have you ever thought about what that sensation is in those moments of absolute bliss?  That moment when you do something within your love that makes your heart flutter and takes your breath away?  In practicing all that I practice I have come to realize that is when I feel most in line with my Divine.  I have talked many times about how important I feel it is to honor the talents that reside inside of us because they are there for a reason.  Simply for us to share them with the world.

In sharing our talents and becoming comfortable in doing so we realize how big of a gift each one of us  is to the world.  That is why it is out of the question to sit on the side lines in life.  We have been put on this Earth with purpose and it is our duty in this life to use those talents to shine brightly.

In those moments of pure elatedness, have you ever noticed that we don't sweat the small stuff?  Those little things that may pick away at our emotions other times, just seem to subside or completely disappear.  We are meant to live in this state as often as possible. The only way to achieve this is to be living within our own love and walking with a full heart.  In the beginning these moments can be quite fleeting.  However they are long enough to which we realize how important and how desired those moments truly are.  And although they are fleeting, those moments stick with us.  We don't forget them.  They are constant reminders to dig deep within our buried self and start to excavate our true meaning with it all.

So in imagining what we love, we are living out what we want in a dream.  To take the dream to a state of reality is what we call living.  What is it that you dream about doing?  How can you start to live that dream into a reality?  When we are living in our dream time flies by. We come to realize that when we give ourselves wings we don't need to be concerned with time.  Time in a way just disappears. In those moments we are immersed in and brimming over with our love. We are complete because we are full of heart.

How can you give your heart wings today?  How can you show your love to the world? Share with us we would love to hear from you!

As always with love,


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